Cringiest Side Hustles for Current ‘SNL’ Cast Members

Yep, that’s Colin Jost washing his face in the ladies’ restroom
Cringiest Side Hustles for Current ‘SNL’ Cast Members

Used to be that a spot on Saturday Night Live was a launching pad for even higher-profile comedy gigs. Tina Fey parlayed her stint into 30 Rock. Will Ferrell ran naked directly into Old School. Kristen Wiig made Bridesmaids while she was still on the show. Cast members these days are still getting opportunities, but the jobs aren’t nearly as exciting. Here are some cringeworthy ways current SNL comics are picking up extra pocket cash…

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Mikey Day Hosting ‘Is It Cake?’

We’re not sure what it means when Day is funnier playing a fake game show host…

…than when he hosts a game show himself. 

The awkward Day seems hopelessly out of place in a role that he’s usually paid to make fun of. The poor guy is getting beat up on IMDb, with user reviews like these:

  •  “Mikey Day is annoying, condescending, childish and incredibly cringey.”
  •  “Another low point is the host who comes across like a cheap Jim Carey (sic) wannabe.”
  • “Mikey Day doesn’t cut it. He is forced and phony.”

Is That Ego Nwodim Shilling for Pizza Hut?

It took me a few viewings of this Pizza Hut ad to realize, “Hey, that’s Ego Nwodim pushing the $7 Deal Lover’s menu!” Nothing wrong with taking some commercial work while you’re on SNL, but shouldn’t Pizza Hut commission scripts that allow Nwodim to actually be funny? Otherwise, what’s the point?

Kenan Thompson Teaching Kids to Be Old Navy Capitalists

Last year around this time, Old Navy proudly debuted “Season One” of Lil Internsa Kenan Thompson-hosted web series about cutesy kids employed in the sweat shop’s, er, clothing company’s human resources, marketing and retail operations. Old Navy said the videos were a combination of The Office and Kindergarten Cop, but they came off as a mash-up of cloyingly cute and corporate cynicism. The series’ website asks, “Do you want the next season of Lil Interns to take place in your headquarters?” So far, no takers.

A Bunch of ‘SNL’ Vets Doing Batman Podcasts

Batman: The Audio Adventures featured a cast made up of several current and former SNL stars, including Heidi Gardner as Harley Quinn, Melissa Villasenor as Robin and Chris Parnell as the Narrator, with additional voices added by Bobby Moynihan, Tim Meadows, Jason Sudeikis, Kenan Thompson, Seth Meyers and Fred Armisen. Sound promising — or at least funny? Think again. “Batman: The Audio Adventures has played out almost as a straightforward and slightly boring Batman adventure,” says a review in The Dispatch. “What stabs at humor are made are, well, bad.” 

Colin Jost Washing His Face for Scarlett Johansson

Good spouse? Sure. Effective shill? Ermmmm… Here’s Jost wearing his wife’s Outset Brand merch in a public women’s restroom, showing us his daily skin-care ritual using magic elixirs created by Scarlett Johansson. He uses the term “skin-care routine” seven times in this video, just in case you were wondering what he’s up to. By the time he’s finished exfoliating, the dude is practically glowing. 

“This has been a complete joy and a pleasure,” he concludes. “And I hope to see you guys all in this bathroom regularly.”


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