15 Trivia Tidbits About Scarlett Johansson We Got Assembled

Know a little more about one of the Founding Avengers.
15 Trivia Tidbits About Scarlett Johansson We Got Assembled

Scarlett Johannson is one of the top actresses in the world — but can she tell why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? If so, she’ll probably make a movie about it. From her early childhood as a small-time actress to her blooming teen indie years to her formative 20s when she became the kick-butt action star of some of the better movies of the decade, to the late 2010s when she started moving behind the camera, Johansson has been one of the preeminent forces in Hollywood for a long, long time — so let’s look at some of the weird stuff she’s done, odd shops she’s owned, and ways our version of the ScarJo experience could’ve been a lot different – more problematic, for instance, or … with a lot more singing. 

Here are 15 facts about one of the Founding Avengers, one of the world’s highest-paid actresses, and the nerd’s older sister in Eight Legged Freaks – you remember, the giant Them movie but instead of ants it had spiders, and instead of a plot it had an ostrich farm. Hey, Scarlett, when are you making a remake of Eight Legged Freaks? Sixteen Legged Freaks, maybe? Make Tom Holland get in on that. 

Start Time

scarlett Johansson she started acting at 8 years old. Her first role was in a play in New York City, with Moon Knight star Ethan Hawke. Her film debut was at nine in North. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb

Quitting Time

CRACKED.COM scarlett Johansson she almost quit acting. When I was working in my early twenties and even my late teens, I felt that I got somehow typecast as 'hypersexualised' ... I remember thinking at the time that maybe I needed a different job in this industry.

Source: 9Honey


scarlett Johansson she dreams of being a Disney Princess. Despite being a famous actress worth millions (and having sued the company itself), she's still holding on to a little girl's dream. CRACKED.COM

No NYU for U

CRACKED.COM NYU SHAFTWAY SHAFTW NYUStudentServices scarlett Johansson she was rejected from New York University. Johansson joins countless other talented and sexy people... in never going to NYU.

Disney Lawsuit

GRACKED.COM scarlett Johansson she sued Disney. Despite becoming one of the world's most recognizable faces because of the Mouse, Johansson sued after Disney released Black Widow on digital and movie theaters at the same time - a first for the MCU.

Island Nudity

CRACKED.COM scarlett Johansson she wanted to get naked on The Island. Johansson didn't want to film her sex scene in a horrible bra, and insisted on getting naked instead. Somehow, someone found the will to tell her to keep her clothes on.
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