‘Rick and Morty’ Fans Celebrate A Full Season Without A Single Instance of Incest

For the first time since Season Four, a full year passed without a single ‘Rick and Morty’ incest episode
‘Rick and Morty’ Fans Celebrate A Full Season Without A Single Instance of Incest

It has been 447 days since the last Rick and Morty incest plotline. Break out the Kalaxian Crystals!

For most TV shows, going a single season without a single instance of brother-on-sister procreation, son-on-mother fornication or any other combination of creepy family copulation wouldn’t be a noteworthy occurrence. Rick and Morty is not most TV shows. Ever since the Sanchez-Smiths teased some “family bonding” in the Season One episode “Lawnmower Dog," when, deep in the subconscious of Mr. Goldenfold’s slumbering mind, a dream version of Summer propositioned Rick and Morty with “an intergenerational sandwich,” Rick and Morty writers have had an interest in incest that’s led to some of the lowest moments of the series. Who could forget the uncomfortable horror that is Naruto Smith?

Over in the Rick and Morty subreddit, user figgiesfrommars recently realized that the show’s recently ended and well-received Season Seven came and went without so much as a side-plot about Beth and Rick engaging in mutual masturbation, or some other awful, unspeakable sex act between family members. The holidays really are when we think the most about family.

“It was real touch and go there with jerricky, but luckily they pulled out of the nosedive,” figgiesfrommars wrote, referencing the second episode of the season wherein a mind-mixed Rick and Jerry formed an uncomfortably close relationship that, luckily, went the direction of body horror self-surgery instead of some salacious son-and-father-in-law action, or, worse, a bedroom scene between Rick/Jerry and Beth. “Also holy shit if jerricky had turned into another incest episode i think i was done with the series LOL just turned out to be an incredible episode luckily,” they continued.

Another user added, “Not only that, but the entire final episode was about Rick and Morty not going into the same hole at the same time. Ultimate anti-incest season!” While the “fear hole” in the finale probably wasn’t intentionally coded to be a sexualized orifice, the biggest fear of these fans is the very real threat that Rick and Morty may one day consummate their partnership on an obscene level.

Rick and Morty fans will remember that, the last time the show dealt in matters of an incestual nature, Jerry Smith came preposterously close to penetrating his own mother in the Season Six episode “Final DeSmithation,” wherein a portent in the form of a powerful fortune cookie kicked off an almost Rube Goldberg-esque string of events in which Jerry, his mother and the entire Rick and Morty fandom narrowly escaped traumatization at the last possible moment. With any luck, that’s the last time anyone on Rick and Morty will take the “motherfucker” moniker literally.

One more Redditor joked of Rick and Morty's recent absence of incest, “Now we know what (Justin) Roiland’s primary creative contribution was.”

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