‘Rick and Morty’ Tops the List of Cartoons That Cartoon Fans Feel Are Overrated

Adult Swim’s flagship franchise insists upon itself, so say the animation stans
‘Rick and Morty’ Tops the List of Cartoons That Cartoon Fans Feel Are Overrated

If a Rick and Morty fan on the internet compared the show to The Godfather, it would make for an instant classic copypasta — but what happens when a hater does the same?

Adult animation fans will remember an episode of Family Guy from 2006, titled “Untitled Griffin Family History,” wherein, during the climactic scene and with the entire family trapped in a flooding panic room, Peter admits one of his deepest darkest secrets. “I did not care for The Godfather,” he says as the sprinklers continue to draw the water line higher and higher towards the ceiling, adding, “It insists upon itself.” The rest of his family roasts him for his highly controversial distaste.

Over in the cartoons subreddit, a poster recently asked the community what their cartoon opinion would be along the lines of Peter’s admission in terms of unpopular takes on overrated properties. A number of shows and movies made the list — not the least of which was Family Guy itself — but the overwhelming favorite answer was Rick and Morty. At least one of those upvotes came from Justin Roiland

“The show is just too meta for my liking,” one user wrote in agreement with the top answer to unpopular opinions about popular shows. Another responded, “You’d hate where to show ends up lol. There are 2 episodes (a season apart) that are literal references to the story telling tools they are actively using. It’s about as meta as is theoretically possible,” referencing the Season Six episode “Full Meta Jackrick,” which, fitting with its name, was a giant self-referential jackoff à la Dan Harmon’s most Harmon-esque self parodies that even devoted fans found notoriously navel-gazing.

Another Rick and Morty fan responded to the original criticism, saying, “That's fair. It's definitely not for everyone. A lot of times, I'll rewatch an episode for that one joke that always makes me keel over laughing because they spend the entire episode setting it up, then hop to the next season for the next episode like that.”

Most of the critiques about Rick and Morty showed some users’ distaste for the exact elements that made Rick and Morty such a hit for others, including the breakneck pacing, the breaking of the fourth wall and the indulgently stupid jokes that drag on for entire episodes. And, of course, plenty more simply didn’t find the series funny. Even long-time Rick and Morty fans can admit that, if the jokes aren’t landing, the show is downright insufferable.

Then again, maybe the haters just haven’t watched the right episode yet — I mean, the man turns himself into a pickle!

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