13 Funny Jokes and Sketches About Reality TV

Reality TV may be a wasteland, but these jokes are at least a nice oasis
13 Funny Jokes and Sketches About Reality TV

Like it or not, reality television has captured audiences in one form or fashion for the last 30 years. Regardless of whether it’s truly “reality” or scripted, we love to see the drama unfold between people forced to room together, go against each other in competition or simply being rich and having to deal with rich people problems. Comedians are no exception.

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Here then are some of the funniest jokes, sketches and scenes about reality TV…

Wanda Sykes Hates ‘The Bachelor’

“You got all of these women gathered, trying to vie for this one shitty dude. And he’s actively dating all of them right in front of your face. And you know he’s sleeping with all of them, and the women are standing around like, ‘*Huff* When’s he gonna fuck me? When do I get my one on one?’ I have more respect for strippers than I do women who go on The Bachelor.” 

Matteo Lane Loves Barbara on ‘Shark Tank’

‘Saturday Night Live’s ‘Kings and Queens of Santa Clarita’

SNL goes over how sometimes friends can change when they’ve been cast on a reality show — and more than just the weight loss from their new line of laxative wine.

Matt Broussard Thinks College Is a Reality TV Show

“At this point, I don’t know how to explain how college works without it sounding like I’m pitching a sadistic concept for a reality show. ‘Here’s what we do: We take human beings during the four years where they’re the most physically attractive and sexually able, and then we put them in an all-expenses-paid resort with no supervision and limitless booze and then see if they can learn, eh?’” 

Real-Life Griffins

On Family Guy, the Griffins are reality TV fodder that also gets them mocked by their neighbors while pointing out the issues with the format.

Ali Wong on Marriage and ‘House Hunters’

“Once you get married and have kids, your wife is gonna boss you around, and you would know that if you watched House HuntersHouse Hunters is a show on HGTV where a couple pretends there’s a decision to be made together. And they go on this fake-ass journey looking at three different houses, and the audience is meant to be left in suspense. ‘Oh, which house are they gonna choose?’ It’s whichever one Barbara wanted in the first place!”

Langley Dollar Listings

On American Dad, Francine truly embraces “fake it ‘til you make it” to become a cast member on TV’s most popular real estate reality show. Just know that the home she’s trying to sell doesn’t respond to negative energy.

‘Saturday Night Live’s Takedown of Bravo

The endless intros to these fake reality shows showcase the tropes and laziness of Bravo’s programming. Actually, all of reality TV programming.

Jim Jefferies Loves ‘The Bachelor’

“I like game shows! And The Bachelor is a game show where the prize is a person. It’s a whole lot of people who just want to get famous, and we force two of them to get married.”

Dog the Hallway Monitor

Cartman becomes the school’s hallway monitor on South Park; naturally, the power gets to his head. It culminates with Cartman transforming into his version of reality TV show star Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Iliza Shlesinger Breaks Down TLC’s Programming

“They have a whole stable of shows all centered on the idea that women eat weird shit when they’re lonely. They have all these shows; they have My Strange Addiction, not to be confused with Freaky Eaters, not to be confused with a totally different show, My Crazy Obsession, not to be confused with their hit show That’s Not Food, Please Don’t Eat That. What I have learned from watching these shows about women eating weird things is that demographically, different women will eat different weird things. For example, poor white women have no problem eating all types of cleaning products, but only fat Black chicks in their 20s eat toilet paper.”

Key and Peele Tackle ‘Undercover Boss’

Listen, you gotta be nice to everyone just in case they’re secretly your boss in disguise. Especially if you have to pee out of the side.

John Mulaney Loves HGTV

“Have you ever watched HGTV? Real estate agents have to deal with the dumbest people in the world making the biggest decisions of their lives. Every episode of HGTV is like ‘Craig and Stacia are looking for a two-story A-frame that’s near Craig’s job in the downtown but also satisfies Stacia’s need to be by the beach, which is nowhere near Craig’s job. With three children and nine on the way and a max budget of $7, let’s see what Laurie Jo can do. On this week’s episode of You Don’t Deserve a Beach House.”

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