Fans Share Their Most Unpopular Opinions About ‘South Park’

Fans Share Their Most Unpopular Opinions About ‘South Park’

For a show so gleefully contrarian and iconoclastic, it feels like you’re not a proper South Park fan unless you have an opinion about the series that makes other South Park fans mad enough to tell you, “No, you’re a towel!”

South Park has been thumbing its nose at the status quo since 1997, and with 325 total episodes, five movies and nine video games all making up a billion dollar franchise, there are many arguments to be made about which eras, styles, characters or arcs are “peak South Park” and which moments were the show’s lowest. Co-creators and stars Trey Parker and Matt Stone are, arguably, the only parts of South Park that have stayed consistent through the decades, and each of their decisions regarding the direction of the show have been hyperbolically scrutinized by their internet fandom since the days of dial-up message boards.

Over in the South Park subreddit, modern South Park stans recently voiced their most controversial opinions about the show, past and present. Predictably, the comments are as diverse and divided as the fandom itself, with many fans praising what the others are trashing and vice versa. Here are the hottest takes…

“Cartman was a better character before the scott Tenorman episode” – DryAfternoon7779

“I don’t like that the creative team feel like they NEED to make social issues and current affairs the centre of each episode” – balin2k

“I think it’s been a very long time since the show did anything edgy, controversial or ‘brave.’ For years and years the show, while still enjoyable, has been very safe and formulaic” – Fernis_

“Towelie is annoying” – PastelMoonsx

“Matt and Trey are pretty obviously politically center-left nowadays, which is heavily at odds with their audience of socially conservative 17 year olds” – BreadlinesOrBust

“The episode ‘Pip’ wasn’t that bad” – Rochelle_x

“Tegridy Farms becomes funnier the more fans throw a hissy fit about it” – BreadlinesOrBust

“Randy is now more annoying than funny and the constant extension of Tegrity Farms is ruining the show” – mllsf

“A lot of fans that weren’t born until 2000 don’t understand how barrier breaking the show was when it first dropped. … Newer fans see the old episodes and compare them to the new ones and don’t like the art, for instance. … There were many taboos being broken all at once such as religious offenses, profanity, adult content, celebrity satire and the fact they were never afraid of going after current events made them a target for every group type imaginable. … ‘South Park’ became anarchy” — Commercial-Stuff402

“The episode ‘Mr. Garrison’s New Vagina’ was hilarious and is overhated” – Rochelle_x

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