Every Phrase, Film and Song That ‘South Park’ Has Ruined for Its Fans

With apologies to all the Harley riders of the world
Every Phrase, Film and Song That ‘South Park’ Has Ruined for Its Fans

‘Member when you could read the words “crème fraîche” without hearing them in your head as if Randy’s saying it like he’s climaxing? I ‘member.

In Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s eternal quest to mock, satirize and slander every person, place and thing under the sun, South Park has successfully ruined a great many words, songs, movies, TV shows and even names for a number of die-hards who still think of a goat every time someone references Stevie Nicks. A show so focused on highlighting the absurdity of our existence is naturally going to change the way people start to see the world around them — and stop them from watching Family Guy altogether.

Over in the South Park subreddit, the superfans recently commiserated about all of the previously inoffensive phrases and pieces of media that have been “ruined” by a South Park joke. Here are a few of those cultural casualties…

“Randy singing ‘Buffalo Soldier’ has forever replaced the original for me. ‘Stolen from AF-RI-CA!!’”

“I started ‘Game of Thrones’ way too late…WIEN-er, wiener WIEN-er”

“Going way back...I now associate Stevie Knicks (sic) with a goat”

“The name Sharon and whenever somebody says one of the following ‘guy,’ ‘friend’ or ‘buddy’”

‘Family Guy’

“Any disaster film due to Randy stupid ass startling and the guinea pigs”

“‘Pokerface,’ I sing it as Cartman every time”

“Water parks — as a minority myself, I think of the song Cartman sang, and as my OCD got worse over the years, I just know it’s all pee so I don’t even go lol”

“When someone say ‘I remember’ I just hear the berries go ‘I memba’”

“I’m no longer able to properly pronounce either ‘authority’ or ‘integrity.’ Come to think of it, ‘city’ often gives me similar difficulty”

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