The Saddest ‘South Park’ Scenes Ever

The top ‘South Park’ tearjerkers as selected by the superfans
The Saddest ‘South Park’ Scenes Ever

“No hope…”

South Park doesn’t have much of a reputation as a tearjerker, unless it’s tears from laughter or from dry-heaving after watching the scene where the boys give Butters liposuction. And so, for a show devoted to taking no topic too seriously, the scant few instances when Trey Parker and Matt Stone dialed back the humor and put their characters (and audience) through genuine emotional anguish have a tendency to hit especially hard.

Along those lines, over in the South Park subreddit, the show’s superfans recently recounted the saddest scenes in South Park history. These are their picks…

The Entirety of ‘Stanley’s Cup’

When Kenny Died for Real

When Grandpa Marsh Couldn’t Remember His Dog’s Face

When Stan Had Depression to the Tune of ‘Landslide’

When Marjorine (Butters) Cried in the Bathroom at the Sleepover

When Kip Drordy Had Zero Friends

When Officer Barbrady Came Home to His Dog

When Wendy Breaks Down and Photoshops Herself

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