‘Simpsons’ Lines That Live Rent-Free in Fans’ Heads

The ‘Simpsons’ quotes that are more lodged in our brains than a green crayon
‘Simpsons’ Lines That Live Rent-Free in Fans’ Heads

The Simpsons is so absurdly quotable that even its made-up words become real words — I mean, ”cromulent” just made it into the dictionary.

Through 752 total episodes, the many writers of The Simpsons have given the franchise’s fans enough unforgettable lines to last them a lifetime of repeating those quotes back to each other on the internet. There is, perhaps, no other comedy series that has contributed so much to the idiomatic meme language of the internet as The Simpsons, as there is an instantly recognizable quote from the show fit for any online discussion that’s only a neuron’s firing away from jumping out of one person’s brain and into another’s, where that line will remain lodged until the decay of time takes all memory away from its host. 

Put simply, nobody does memorable jokes quite like The Simpsons, and the acceleration of online discourse only further reinforces the fact that none of us will ever hear the words “dental plan” without our brain echoing the phrase at least three times along with something about some braces.

Over in the Simpsons subreddit, superfans recently gathered to discuss which of the show’s lines live “rent-free” in their heads. Here are some of the most popular brain worms…

“So I Tied An Onion to My Belt, Which Was the Style At the Time…”

“He Was A Zombie?”

“Dont You Hate Pants?”

“No, My Son Is Also Named Bort”

“Everythings Coming Up Milhouse!”

“They Warned Me Satan Would Be Attractive”

“Bake Him Away, Toys!”

“So Long, Dental Plan!”

“My Eyes! The Goggles Do Nothing”

“How Ironic”

“Probably Misses His Old Glasses”

“The Amusement Park of the Future, Where Nothing Can PossibLIE Go Wrong”

“We’ve Tried Nothing, and We’re All Out of Ideas!”

“You Dont Win Friends With Salad”

“So That’s It? After 20 Years, So Long, Good Luck?”
“I Don’t Recall Saying Good Luck”

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