All the Times Fans Felt Personally Attacked by ‘The Simpsons’

Ever been put on blast by your favorite show?
All the Times Fans Felt Personally Attacked by ‘The Simpsons’

The socially satirical jokes in The Simpsons are like a pie in the face — they’re only ever funny when you’re not the target.

Over 751 total episodes, The Simpsons has had ample time to point their playfully biting sights at countless topics that leave those close to the issue feeling as if they’ve been exposed in front of the entire country. God forbid you find yourself reflected in an oafish side character — the snooty nerd community still hasn’t recovered from how perfectly Matt Groening captured their essence with Comic Book Guy’s every mannerism. Simply put, if the writers’ room of The Simpsons decides that your hometown, haircut or college major makes for a good punchline, you’re in for a gut punch from a yellow, four-fingered fist.

Superfans in The Simpsons subreddit recently responded to a post titled, “Have You Ever Felt Personally Attacked While Watching The Simpsons?” with a resounding “YES” from the unfortunate graduate students in the Simpsons fandom. Here are their victim impact statements…

“As a vegetarian: ‘You don’t win friends with salad’” — iheartfunnyboys

“‘If you are reading this, you have no life.’ Thanks Rock Bottom” — grammarnotsee88

“The Big Book of British Smiles” — SlipperyFsh

“'Now entering Winnipeg. We were born here, what’s your excuse?'” — LegendofGrac

“I’m Australian.” — rocketpoweredronin

“They think I’m slow because I’m from Canada…. Eh.” — MandoAviator

“When Willie said every single Scottish person films people in their cars. Not in my town anyway, that’s more of a North Kilttown pastime.” — IllusionUser

“‘Your degree in… communications!?!?’ I saw that episode in high school, decided to major in communications anyway. Guess what? Lubchenko learned nothing!” — Dustmopper

“In high school, I was mortified by the episode where Homer goes to college because the roommates hit uncomfortably close to home (my friends and I were big into D&D and Monty Python at the time). I was afraid we were going to get dragged at school the next day, but of course nobody said anything because the kinds of people who would have roasted us were not people who watched ‘The Simpsons’ in the first place” – JimmyGimbo

“‘Joblessness is no longer for philosophy majors, useful people are starting to feel the pinch’” — starkfr

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