21 Movies That Have Too Many Damn Sequels

How many times are they gonna bring those toys to life? We get it!
21 Movies That Have Too Many Damn Sequels

These days, it takes a TikTok-dancing killer doll or an interdimensional butt plug fight to get an original movie out in front of audiences. If it’s not a sequel, it’s a prequel, an adaptation, a reboot, a reimagining or at least a re-something. Studios just don’t want to take a risk on a quiet but interesting indie when they could crank out the 20th adventure of whatever superhero is selling the most Halloween costumes, and as a result, well, some superheroes are getting 20 different adventures. It’s got to stop somewhere.

For Redditor Hermitinhiding, “It’s the Fast and Furious franchise. I think I stopped watching after the third movie, and by now, I don’t even know what part just came out or is about to be produced,” they wrote. “It went from tight car races to wth is this?” 

After they had their say, they asked r/movies, “What (other) movie has too many sequels?” and Reddit spoke for all of us when they brought up dinosaurs, pirates, toys, sharks and Sylvester Stallone.

Home Alone

Indiana Jones


Pirates of the Caribbean

Toy Story

Die Hard

The Crow

The Amityville Horror


Planet of the Apes

Police Academy

Puppet Master


Mission: Impossible

Jurassic Park

John Wick


Resident Evil




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