Jamie Lee Curtis Sticks Her Oscar Exactly Where It Belongs

The ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ supporting star displayed her Oscar next to her other ‘souvenirs’ from the film
Jamie Lee Curtis Sticks Her Oscar Exactly Where It Belongs

Some Hollywood legends spend their entire careers acquiring an EGOT — an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony. Jamie Lee Curtis, on the other hand, only needed a single movie to score a SOB — a SAG Award, an Oscar and a Butt Plug.

After spending more than four decades careening across genres in a career that has brought audiences some of both horror and comedy’s most iconic performances, Curtis has finally achieved acting’s highest honor. The supporting star of Everything Everywhere All at Once took home the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at this past Sunday’s ceremony alongside two of her formerly underappreciated castmates on a night when the absurdist action-comedy-drama accrued seven total Oscars, the highest total for a film since 2014.

As the directing duo of The Daniels open up their trophy case with some impressive early wins, Curtis’ shelf has at last added a long-awaited accolade — and a couple other souvenirs from Everything Everywhere All at Once keep her Oscar company.

Curtis’ performance as Deirdre Beaubeirdre, IRS inspector and henchwoman to an interdimensional omnicidal maniac, was an unconscionably rare instance of a comedic role receiving high awards acknowledgement. Therefore, it’s only fitting that the Oscar and the SAG Award Curtis won should be displayed flanking Everything Everywhere All at Once’s best visual gag, an award given to Beaubeirdre for “Auditor of the Month” in the shape of a butt plug. 

Anyone who finished Everything Everywhere All at Once should hope that Curtis treated it to some trophy cleaner first.

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