16 Jamie Lee Curtis Facts to Know as Halloween Ends

A legendary scream queen (who's actually a baroness).
16 Jamie Lee Curtis Facts to Know as Halloween Ends

Jamie Lee Curtis is a national treasure that has evolved from being a scream queen, and is going back to her roots once again in her golden years. No matter what role she’s in, she commits well heartily, able to bring out heavy emotion or instill laughter in her performances. As a celebrity, she’s incredibly relatable and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She has become an icon of the silver screen.

But what makes her tick? What is she all about? Sure, we can pick up some insight from interviews here and there, but what kind of fun does she like to get into when the cameras are off? Even her biggest fans have questions. Stuff that isn’t gossipy, you know, but some fun little factoids and whatnot.

Well, question no more (partly). Here are some facts we dug up about Jamie Lee Curtis that we think you’d be interested in knowing.

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