13 Hilarious Jokes and Bits from Bugs Bunny

13 Hilarious Jokes and Bits from Bugs Bunny

If there’s an unsung influence on American comedy, it’s Bugs Bunny. Created nearly a century ago, Bugs is most children’s first experience with biting quips and slapstick, inspiring countless future stand-ups, writers and animators in their quest to create laughs. Thank God he never made that left turn at Albuquerque, or imagine the bland road comedy would have been stuck on instead. 

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Here are some of the best Bugs Bunny moments to celebrate the funniest rabbit ever…

When He Helped Hide Some Gangsters

In Bugs and Thugs, Bugs plays a deadly trick on some mobsters who believe the police are on their way. Good thing cartoons don’t die from gas ovens.

‘Bully for Bugs’

All Bugs wanted was to get to the Carrot Festival, but he got into a bullfight instead. If only he had Google Maps

The Catchphrase

As a Conductor

In Long-Haired Hare, Bugs poses as respected orchestra conductor Leopold and shows off how well he can keep the band together (and torment the singer).

Seducing Elmer Fudd

Bugs Bunny gets Elmer so thirsty that he starts shooting his shot metaphorically and literally.

‘Take One Step on That Rope and I’ll Cut It!’

Bugs is usually the one frustratingly outsmarting his foe. Not the case here.

‘Rabbit Hood’

When Bugs knights the Sheriff of Nottingham, he really knights the Sheriff of Nottingham (at least he got a cake out of it).

Play It Again, Sam

When Yosemite Sam tries to scam Granny out of her fortune by wooing her, Bugs dresses up as her to thwart him with 88 keys and 500 pounds. 

‘Now Dance!’

As Brunhilde

In a mix of opera and drag, Bugs is able to win the affections of the bloodthirsty “Kill da Wabbit!” Elmer Fudd as a Valkyrie

‘The Rabbit of Seville’

One of the most celebrated cartoons of all time, this parody of The Barber of Seville shows off Bugs’ physical comedy and wordplay, all while abusing Elmer Fudd to an operatic soundtrack.

‘Baseball Bugs’

Bugs makes a great one-man baseball team, especially since he has a mean slow pitch.

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