The Five Best Puns from U.K. Pun Champion Attila the Pun

The prize-winning groaners from England’s conquering wordplay king
The Five Best Puns from U.K. Pun Champion Attila the Pun

It’s not at all surprising that England of all countries would have a national pun competition. That kind of humor is so ingrained in English culture that even Shakespeare once wrote a story entirely about puns — it was a play on words.

Comedian Lee Brace goes by the stage name of “Attila the Pun” when he competes in the yearly U.K. Pun Championships, and the conquering king of wordplay took home the gold in this year’s competition at the Leicester Comedy Festival last week. The one-liner wonder said of his love for the game, “I like how simple puns are, and I just like the wordplay really. I like the fact they can get a groan from the audience.”

We set a few of Attila the Pun’s prize-winning groaners to free-to-use photographs because, unlike the English, we don’t care for royalties.

Wikimedia Commons / Victoria Stauffenberg

I took my Spanish friend for a picnic at the weekend. He said “Gracias!” I said, “Yeah, I should have bought a blanket!”

Wikimedia Commons / NasserHalaweh

When I was a kid, my mum used to run a dating site for chickens. She did whatever she could to make hens meet.
I've just applied for a job as a waiter. Well, someone has to put food on the table.

Wikimedia Commons / Aaron Lucas

Whenever there's an eclipse, my dad starts shaking and twitching. Lunar-tick!

Wikimedia Commons / Julie Scribbles

For Christmas, I bought my girlfriend a book about hypochondria. Well, what do you buy the woman who has everything?
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