The Smartest Jokes in ‘Simpsons’ History

‘Simpsons’ jokes that tested into the Gifted Children class
The Smartest Jokes in ‘Simpsons’ History

You don’t need to take the crayon out of your brain to enjoy The Simpsons, but it does help.

Despite staffing half of all Harvard alumni working in television, The Simpsons has never been a show to put on airs. Each Simpsons episode is accessible to all members of any family, even down to the Maggies of America who probably liked the Roofi episode best of all. However, every now and then, the Simpsons writers will flex their knowledge of science, history and the arts in a way that reminds us why The Simpsons is the heavyweight of tastefully intellectual but indulgently stupid comedy.

Over on the Simpsons subreddit, the superfans recently discussed the most high-brow jokes in Simpsons history that would make Martin Prince proud. Here are their top picks…

Oh, don’t worry, Marge. Her idea of wit is nothing more than an incisive observation, humorously phrased and delivered with impeccable timing’

And I say, England’s greatest Prime Minister was Lord Palmerston!’

Camus can do, but Sartre is smart-tre!’

‘That’s too clever, you’re one of them!’

Earl Warren wasn’t a stripper!’

You mean Lamarckian evolution?’

I am familiar with the works of Pablo Neruda’

‘In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics!’

‘Karma can only be portioned out by the cosmos!’

You liked ‘Rashomon’’
Thats not how I remember it’

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