The Most Iconic ‘Simpsons’ Lines Delivered by Nobody Characters

The funniest punchlines ever uttered by unnamed ‘Simpsons’ extras
The Most Iconic ‘Simpsons’ Lines Delivered by Nobody Characters

The greatest injustice in Simpsons canon is that a character can speak one of the most iconic lines of the entire franchise and not even be given an actual name in the script. Some modern animated philosophers have taught us lessons like, “Cows don’t look like cows on film. You have to use horses,” with names like Painter.

The Simpsons is possibly the single best comedy series at utilizing one-off lines and characters to perfection. Unlike the Family Guys of the world, these small diversions don’t distract from the main plot and central characters — rather, they give each episode a texture and flavor unique to the Matt Groening institution. Especially in the early years, some unnamed character will come out of the woodwork to deliver the funniest punchline of the episode just to dissolve into the background seconds later without any fanfare.

Today, we celebrate those nameless nobodies and their best lines in Simpsons history. In fact, the superfans in the Simpsons subreddit recently devoted an entire thread to the subject. Here, then, are their picks for the “most iconic lines delivered by a nobody character”…

“Can I come too? Aw…”

“I doubt my son or daughter is that stupid”

“Our residents … Boom!… are trying… Boom! … to nap!”

“It was him! Let’s get him, fellas!”

“No one who speaks German could be an evil man!”

“Alright, alright, you win. I see you’ve played Knifey Spooney before”

“Hellooooo? Mrs. Pommelhoooorst? I’d like to get down now…”

“The finger thing means the taxes!”

“Ordinarily, folks, tour groups are not allowed to see it. And of course, today will be no exception”

“Stop! Stop! He’s already dead!”

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