The Best ‘Simpsons’ Scenes Based on Historical Events

The most iconic moments when ‘Simpsons’ writers flexed their history knowledge
The Best ‘Simpsons’ Scenes Based on Historical Events

Thanks to the state of the American education system, many registered voters’ understanding of some important historical events is predicated upon the Simpsons' take on them — shockingly, neither JFK nor Richard Nixon actually drank Duff Beer.

The success of The Simpsons is proof of the tried-and-tested theory that all you need to make a successful comedy writers’ room is to reach the right ratio of outrageously crass comics to snooty Harvard nerds. On countless occasions, Simpsons writers have shown off their understanding of complex cultural movements while simultaneously filling scenes with slapstick and innuendo to reach that perfect combination of highbrow and lowbrow that makes The Simpsons still feel so fresh some 33 years after it began.

Each season of The Simpsons is chock-full of references and parodies of historical figures that can pass clean over the head of the younger generations — over in the Simpsons subreddit, the superfans chose their favorite moments when The Simpsons mimicked history to hilarious effect. These are their picks…

“The Lincoln Squirrel Has Been Assassinated”

Barney Becomes John Lennon With “Number 8… Burp”

Lisa Swearing in As Little Miss Springfield Is An Homage to LBJ Taking Office After the JFK Assassination

The “Simpson Defeats Prince” Election Newspaper Gag

'Itchy & Scratchy' Directed by Oliver Stone

“Oh, the humanity! Anyway…”

Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy Argue Over Duff Beer

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