Pete Davidson Lashes Back With Ugly Slurs After Audience Member Calls Him Racist

For Davidson, it doesn’t sound like an ideal first night back from rehab
Pete Davidson Lashes Back With Ugly Slurs After Audience Member Calls Him Racist

Comedy gigs don’t get much more star-powered than Saturday night’s triple bill in Bethlehem, New Jersey, featuring John Mulaney, Jon Stewart, and in his first appearance since taking a break for some self-care and new medication, Pete Davidson

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According to reports in the U.S. Sun, Saturday’s actual stand-up sets were uneventful. But the fireworks started exploding when the three comics took the stage at show’s end for some audience Q&A. That’s when a woman audience member shouted out that Davidson was a racist, which technically isn’t a Q or an A. Stewart tried to intervene, explaining that the joke in question (which we’ll get to below) was simply part of Davidson’s act.

But Davidson refused Stewart’s high-road approach, shouting back, “You’re a c*nt! Sit the f*ck down!” Another source says Davidson called the woman an asshat instead of the c-slur, but audience members who tweeted after the show seem to confirm The Sun’s version.

Stewart tried to diffuse the heated moment by calling for a “cleanup in aisle three,” but the question-and-answer session was clearly ruined and the three comics left the stage. Not exactly the ideal first dip back in the water after a mental-health break.

The joke for which the audience member called out Davidson? Audience members told The Sun that it was a bit about Davidson’s Black realtor: “He said the realtor was showing him homes, and he called the big room the master bedroom.’” Davidson did a goof about being the master of the home before the realtor explained that the contemporary term is “primary bedroom” to avoid references to slavery. The Sun reported that it wasn’t clear why the audience member objected to the joke, which appears to be about getting educated, other than it dealt with issues around race. 

Despite the blowup, fans who saw the show this weekend seem to be into the Stewart, Mulaney and Davidson experience.  

US Weekly reports that jokes about Davidson’s rehab stint (he’s still got that “post-rehab glow”) are part of his new set, as is a bit about a stalker who broke into his home in 2021 before being deemed unfit for trial and placed in a psychiatric hospital. Davidson joked that a mental facility is the one place he might run into her.

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