15 Great Jokes About Bands

Oh, you like bands? Name your 15 favorite jokes
15 Great Jokes About Bands

Everyone has their favorite band and their least favorite band. Bands of whom you’ve been to every concert they’ve done in your town and bands that make you want to stab your eardrums with pencils. Speaking of stabbing your eardrums with pencils, you can now put those pencils down because comedians know both of these feelings intimately and came up with some funny bits for you to take your mind off that goddamn Creed song again.

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Here are some of the funniest jokes, sketches and bits about bands and music...

Mitch Hedberg After Seeing Monster Magnet

“I went to see a heavy metal band in New York called Monster Magnet. Man, they were heavy. The lead singer got on the monitor and said, “How many of you people feel like human beings tonight?” Then he said, “How many of you feel like animals?” And everyone cheered after the animals part. But the thing is, I cheered after the human being part because I did not know that there was a second part to the question. ‘Yes, I do feel like a human. I do not feel like a tree.’”

Jimmy Pardo Didn’t Believe in New Kids on the Block

On Conan, Pardo shared that before he pivoted to comedy, he was a manager in the music business. He figured out that the gig wasn’t for him when he turned his nose at one of the most successful bands of the early 1990s: The New Kids on the Block.

Ringo Writes a Song

On Family Guy, we see a cutaway of the time Ringo wrote a nice song for his mates in The Beatles. Aw, that’s so adorable of him.

Henry Rollins on Iron Maiden

Rollins goes into when his band opened for Iron Maiden and how he barely survived encounters with their fans, along with how they hamfisted intellect into their music by writing songs based on literature.

Sinbad’s Love of Motown

Sinbad is a fan of R&B and hip-hop, but he loves for Motown. In fact, for his HBO comedy special, Brain Damaged, he goes into a lip-synced performance of “Have You Seen Her” by The Chi-lites.

“It’s Y-Y-Zed!”

In Archer, Krieger is such a huge Rush fan that he’s hellbent on cracking the drumming part on their song “YYZ.”

Kyle Kinane Doesn’t Like Jam Bands

“If jam bands are your thing, good for you, bless your heart on that stuff. I do not hear a jam. I never hear a jam. I hear five stepdads who don’t know how to end a song.”

‘Saturday Night Live’s Weezer Debate

There are three things you shouldn’t discuss in mixed company: politics, religion and Weezer albums.

U Talkin’ U2 to Me?

Comedy Bang Bang host Scott Aukerman and his friend and fellow U2 fan, actor Adam Scott, co-hosted a short-lived podcast discussing U2. In one particular episode, they invited their friend, comedian Todd Glass, a man who knows nothing about U2 (and most music, for that matter), to join them.

Key & Peele & Hootie

Key & Peele dive into Darius Rucker’s Sisiphyian task of telling people his name is not Hootie from his time on Hootie & the Blowfish.

Patton Oswalt on NewSong’s ‘Christmas Shoes’

Oswalt is a fan of Christmas music, but when he heard this popular Christian holiday song by NewSong, he was so perplexed by its insane message that he turned it into a bit, which turned into a small animated short.

‘Smithers, Have the Rolling Stones Killed’

The Slipnuts Open for Slipknot

On Late Night with Conan O’Brien, the writers formed a comedy group with a similar name to Slipknot called the Slipnuts as a gag to introduce Slipknot as the musical act on the show. Slipknot loved the gag so much that they booked the Slipnuts to open for them during a live gig, with Conan shooting their performance for a remote segment. The Slipknot fans nearly murdered them.

Behind the Music: Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem

Spoofing the popular Behind the Music music documentary series, Robot Chicken decided to showcase an exposé of the famous Muppet rock band. Poor Janice.

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