15 Hip Hop Pioneers Who Actually “Changed The Game”

15 Hip Hop Pioneers Who Actually “Changed The Game”

Many hip hop artists claim they’ve changed the game, but the lineage of that change can mostly be traced back to hip hop’s formative years. Yes, there have been many more game-changing artists in the 90s and 21st century (which we’d love to do in a future list) but these 15 pioneers of early hip hop created and grew the culture into a worldwide phenomenon that we still enjoy today.

PUBLIC ENEMY CRACKED.COM In the late 1980s Public Enemy became the first political hip-hop group. Songs like 911 is a joke and Fight The Power created a new form of social expression, speaking about injustices and lack of power. In 2005, Fight The Power was preserved in the National Recording Registry for culturally and historically significant sound recordings.

Source: allmusic


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