11 Celebrities Who Were Roasted on Seth MacFarlane Shows

No one is safe from MacFarlane’s wrath
11 Celebrities Who Were Roasted on Seth MacFarlane Shows

One consistent thing in Seth MacFarlane’s work is his love of roasting celebrities. Sometimes it’s a quick line; other times it’s a full-blown cutaway. Either way, no celebrity is spared his wrath — whether it’s an easy target like Kanye, someone as famous and powerful as Queen Elizabeth or the 11 victims below…

Jeremy Piven

From Lou Ferrigno to Mark Ruffalo, many have gone Incredible Hulk green and uttered the famous line, “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” But when Family Guy had Piven play the Hulk, it was sure to point out that no one ever liked him — angry or otherwise.

Adam Sandler

The wise-cracking, cross-dressing alien Roger in American Dad is one of the show’s highlights. Despite being known for his clownish behavior, sometimes he wants to be taken more seriously. Stan, however, evoked Sandler to make sure Roger understood that he should stay in his lane: “You’re the Adam Sandler of this house, and nobody wants Punch-Drunk Love, just give us Waterboy.” 

Christina Aguilera

Through no fault of her own, Aguilera often played second fiddle to Britney Spears back in the late 1990s and early aughts. Her runner-up status was no different in the world of Family Guy when Peter described the singer as “offensive to all five senses.”

Kim Kardashian

Reality TV titan and business mogul Kardashian is no stranger to the Seth McFarlane universe. Back in 2014, she voiced Qurchhhh, a hairy female alien who finds herself attracted to Roger on American Dad. Six years later, she’d become the butt of the joke on Family Guy when Peter becomes obsessed with a Magic 8 Ball.

Ben Stiller

One of Stiller’s most recognizable roles had him roaming the halls of a museum. Over on American Dad, the actor also found himself in a museum. 


No one ever picks “truth” when they’re playing Truth or Dare because it’s not as fun. And if you’re playing with the wrong people, it can get ugly. Like when Lois recounted the time she and Peter played with present-day Madonna, who asked, “Do I look younger than 90?” Peter’s quickness to switch to a dare spoke volumes about the question. 

Tom Cruise

Ever wonder why Mission Impossible star Cruise is running in all of his movies? Family Guy has a theory.


Even after amassing 39 Grammy nominations and topping the charts multiple times, Coldplay was once called “the most insufferable band of the decade.” Turns out Peter on Family Guy shares that same opinion as he recounted the time he was kicked out of the band for a simple request: “Hey you guys, I have an idea — how about we do a song that’s not whiny bullcrap.”

Alec Baldwin

Despite there being a handful of Baldwins, everyone knows that Alec is at the top of the pyramid. This “everyone” includes the writers of Family Guy who related some of Lois’ breastfeeding issues to Alec’s less successful brothers: “I don’t know what to do, Brian. Breastfeeding’s just so painful since Stewie’s teeth are coming in. Now I know how Alec Baldwin feels when he feeds his brothers.”

John Goodman

Everyone’s heard the phrase “there’s starving children in Africa” at least once in their life when they refused to eat dinner. But the old adage rolled out on Spooner Street a little differently. Instead of Africa, Lois reminded her picky-eating husband that John Goodman’s family wouldn’t complain: “You know some people would be very happy to have this food. Like John Goodman’s family.”

Julia Roberts

Roberts herself has said she was a “selfish little brat” at the beginning of her career. So you can’t say there wasn’t some truth to the 2006 Family Guy episode “Peterotica” that painted the actress as a self-absorbed narcissist who thinks her career is more important than tsunami victims.

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