What Does Britney Spears' '...Baby One More Time' Even Mean?

After more than two decades, we are still wondering...
What Does Britney Spears' '...Baby One More Time' Even Mean?

In a pre-Y2K world, an unknown girl in a Catholic school girl uniform appeared on MTV, and the music world hasn't been the same since. But after more than two decades, we are still wondering...what the hell do her lyrics even mean?

Read the answer to your burning Britney Spears question below.

...Baby One More Time was an instant hit. Britney Spiars ...baby one more timE In 1998, Britney Spears' debut single premiered on MTV, and she becam
The music video made the song iconic. The song on its own is a classic, but it's nearly impossible to disassociate it from the shocking school girl mu
FUN FACT: Every article of clothing in the music video was bought at K-Mart for under $17. Britney Spears decided to tie up her shirt because she thou
But what the hell does hit me one more time mean? When the song first came out, it was scandalous. A sexy-innocent young girl was singing about bein
Max Martin was the songwriter. Max Martin would go on to write basically every pop song you've ever loved, from I Want It That Way to Shake It Off.
The song was written for TLC. They turned it down, later saying that they did not want to be heard saying hit me, baby, one more time. CRACKED.COM
Martin is Swedish,and English isn't his first language. He meant it to mean something like hit me up on the phone one more time, but when the Americ
The title of the song was shortened from Hit Me Baby One More Time to ...Baby One More Time so it would be more radio-friendly. CRACKED.COM
other famous Max Martin-isms Martin's endearing yet awkward English translations can be heard in some of his other hit songs: Britney Spears' (You) D
A legendary mistake SO, there you have it. It's just an innocent, translated lyric that made the song that much more talked about to launch Spears' ca
Source: EW


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