Tom Cruise is one of the longest-lasting of the current crop of Hollywood titans. Since 1981, Cruise has been on the silver screen to entertain the masses with that toothy grin of his. Throughout his career, he has had several roles that have tested his body through insane stunts and tested his emotions through quality performances. It doesn’t hurt that he’s been a handsome dreamboat ever since he popped up on Endless Love, too.

Yet, while he’s arguably the most famous man in the world, there are still some things about Tom Cruise that could surprise you. No, no, no; not that stuff. We’re not going to go into that stuff. We’re going to talk about other stuff. Fun stuff. Stuff that won’t get us put on a list if we were to point it out…

Speaking of lists, here’s a list of some facts about Tom Cruise you probably didn’t know about.

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