15 Titanic Facts About The Teen Titans

They can't actually be teens for decades, you know.
15 Titanic Facts About The Teen Titans

“When there’s trouble you know who to call… TEEN TITANS!” Whether it’s from the comic books or the cartoon shows, generations of nerds enjoy the DC group of superheroic youngsters known as the Teen Titans. Aside from their battles against evil using superpowers, the main appeal of the Titans was the conflicts within their relationship dynamics and forging ahead as friends (and sometimes lovers).

However, even the biggest fans of the Teen Titans don’t know everything about them. We mean, the team has been in comic book stories since 1964. That was nearly 60 years ago. The Teen Titans should really be the Retiree Titans by now, shouldn’t they? But anyway, the point is, they have a lot of history that most sane people wouldn't go through thoroughly. Not today!

Here are some interesting and sometimes odd facts about the Teen Titans comics, characters, and cartoons for you to kill time with.

Beast Boy

CRACKED.COM Teen Titans Beast Boy said dude 114 times in the cartoon. Beast Boy leaned hard on the word throughout 65 episodes, averaging just under two dudes per episode. That's a ratio that any '90s surfer or pizza-loving ninja turtle would love.

Source: CBR

Wonder Girl

CRACKED.COM Teen Titans Donna Troy was born out of a mistake. The team consisted of sidekicks, including Wonder Woman's sidekick Wonder Girl. Except that Wonder Girl was a younger Wonder Woman and not a sidekick at all. To fix this goof, Wonder Girl was retconned into a new character, Donna Troy.

Source: CBR


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