‘The New Voice Sucks!’ Cry Justin Roiland Fans About ‘Rick and Morty’ Promotional Video Cut From Justin Roiland Performances

‘The New Voice Sucks!’ Cry Justin Roiland Fans About ‘Rick and Morty’ Promotional Video Cut From Justin Roiland Performances

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand the Rick and Morty recast.

Last week, Adult Swim posted a promotional Rick and Morty YouTube video featuring a montage of Rick battling his alternate dimension antagonist Rick Prime to the tune of “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” by the Smashing Pumpkins before an unhinged Rick rants to his Morty about how the show’s upcoming seventh season will be all about the search for his nemesis. Despite the unceremonious departure of co-creator and primary voice actor Justin Roiland following a flood of stories about his bad behavior both in his personal life and behind the scenes at Adult Swim’s flagship series, the premiere date for Rick and Morty Season Seven is scheduled to drop this week with a new, unnamed “soundalike” voice actor playing the title roles previously performed by Roiland.

Predictably, Roiland’s stans immediately flooded the comment section of the promotional music video to complain that the new voice is unlistenable and has already destroyed the show’s quality. There’s just one problem — the clip from the promo video was taken from the Rick and Morty Season Six finale. Yep, that’s right: They’re bitching about Roiland’s voice.

“It’s amazing how people in America are guilty before public opinion even once they are presumed innocent by a judge… the voice is different and it’s noticeable,” wrote one subgenius in his review of the promotional music video. Littered about the “new” tab of the comment sections are the same repetitive demands of “Bring Back Justin” and “Rick and Morty is dead,” all blissfully unaware that they’re listening to Roiland read lines written by creatives who, unlike Roiland himself, have actually contributed to the show in the past three seasons.

Another Nobel Prize runner-up wrote, “No roiland no watch. Avoid everything is femminist (sic).” To the sea of comments attempting to correct the mistaken Roiland defenders, one replied, “no shot that is the same voice actor.” Another added with melancholy, “They hid the voice to the end. Sadly… its just off.”

Somehow, no amount of reasoning or base-level fact-checking could sway the detractors who refuse to believe that the grunting, gargled, displeasing rambling was Roiland’s own work — despite all their rage, they are still just rats in a cage.

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