The ‘Terryfolds’ Song from ‘Rick and Morty’ Left Streaming and Justin Roiland Sure Feels Like the Reason Behind It

The highest-charting original song from the ‘Rick and Morty’ soundtrack is no longer streaming in this dimension
The ‘Terryfolds’ Song from ‘Rick and Morty’ Left Streaming and Justin Roiland Sure Feels Like the Reason Behind It

We don’t know for sure why the iconic Rick and Morty original song “Terryfolds” was taken off most streaming platforms, but we won’t be surprised if we ever learn that Justin Roiland was telling teenage girls to “suck my folds you piece of s—.”

The soundtrack for Rick and Morty is as characteristically eclectic as the series itself — the show was partially responsible for reviving interest and appreciation for Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You” after it scored one of the more impactful and emotional scenes in the Season One episode “Rick Potion #9.” On multiple occasions, the flagship Adult Swim series enlisted the services of the synthpop band Chaos Chaos to create original songs that formed some of the most memorable musical moments in all of Rick and Morty — “Do You Feel It?” played during Rick’s rock-bottom scene in “Autoerotic Assimilation,” and, of course, there’s “Terryfolds.”

In the Season Three episode “Rest and Ricklaxation,” “Healthy” Morty and “Healthy” Rick turn on the interdimensional radio on their way back from the wellness spa and resolve to listen to one new song every day to expand their tastes after a snippet from the anthem “Terryfolds” piques their interest. The full-length song, featuring Roiland, became a minor hit in our own dimension, reaching #33 on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs the week after the episode premiered. However, as users in the Rick and Morty subreddit recently discovered, the song has been scrubbed from Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon — no word yet on if it’s still playing in other universes.

Neither Chaos Chaos nor Adult Swim have made any comment on the most popular song from Rick and Morty leaving the most popular streaming platforms — Chaos Chaos’ other entries in the show’s soundtrack remain available on the aforementioned music apps. Reddit users speculated that, following the co-creator’s fall from grace, Roiland’s writing credit and vocal performance on the track had something to do with the removal, and, seeing as Roiland is not featured on any other Chaos Chaos songs, this seems to be the most plausible explanation. 

The full track is still available on unofficial YouTube accounts, and some users claim that the song is available through YouTube music for those looking to get their Terryfold fix. Those individuals would do well to make sure that, if they ever find themselves asking someone to the Terryfold dance, they’re making extra sure that those flappy holdy folds are old enough to be held.

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