‘Solar Opposites’ Is Getting Review Bombed by Justin Roiland Stans

The ‘Justice for Justin’ movement has the Season Four audience score in mid-Rotten territory
‘Solar Opposites’ Is Getting Review Bombed by Justin Roiland Stans

According to certain Solar Opposites fans, a pattern of abusive behavior towards women is nothing compared to the crime of being born British.

Back in January, it was revealed that Justin Roiland, co-creator and star of both Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites, faced domestic violence charges stemming from an incident all the way back in 2020. In just a few short weeks, Roiland went from being the face (and voice) of the adult animation renaissance to an unemployed, untouchable a-hole whose fall from grace had been anxiously awaited by disgruntled former partners, according to the reports released in the aftermath of his firing from both the Adult Swim and Hulu projects. Supposedly, Roiland, despite holding the co-creator credit on both shows, had relegated himself solely to his voice roles recorded from home while the rest of the writing and production staff toiled away only to have him take all the credit for the final product.

Enter Dan Stevens, Downton Abbey star and replacement voice for Roiland’s former role of Korvo on Solar Opposites. Instead of going the soundalike route, Hulu decided to fully revamp their star character for Season Four — and Roiland’s fans are reacting to the change with the crude aggression of a Roiland DM to a teenage girl.

Solar Opposites Season Four dropped on Monday to similarly favorable critical reviews that the first three seasons enjoyed. Writers noted that, despite the shift in chemistry with the swapping of Roiland for Stevens, the high level of writing and attention to detail that was characteristic of earlier episodes is easily matched — probably because Roiland never wrote the damn thing in the first place. However, one only needs to scroll down to the formidable audience review section of the season’s Rotten Tomatoes page to find the torches and pitchforks.

“Maybe if they didn't prematurely fire the best part of the show this would be a five star rating,” one user complained in their one-star review, apparently not realizing that Rotten Tomatoes offers half-stars. One such half-star comment reads, “The new voice is horrible and it ruined the show. Bring back Justin.”

“it's not too late to bring back Roiland for Solar Opposites AND Rick and Morty,” one fan suggested in a one-star review. “If R&M slip into the same horrendous fate, it will be the end of two incredible shows. Simply… bring back Roiland!”

Over in the Solar Opposites subreddit, the community has (mostly) stood behind Hulu’s decision to recast Roiland’s role as posts with titles like “STOP F-ING COMPLAINING ABOUT THE NEW VOICE!” gracing the forum’s front page – however, even there, the Roiland defenders are making their non-British voices heard. Comments like, “Justice for Justin” can be found under every post addressing the backlash, as, in one user’s words, the “incel brigade (is) looking out for their fellow perv.”

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