The Trailer for Hulu’s ‘Futurama’ Reboot Opens With A Dunk on Hulu

The writers wasted no time sticking it to their new overlords
The Trailer for Hulu’s ‘Futurama’ Reboot Opens With A Dunk on Hulu

Hulu finally revived Futurama with a fabled 11th season premiering July 24rd. In an act of gratitude, the writers for the return thanked Hulu in the opening shot of the trailer with the message of, “Bite my shiny, ad-supported ass!”

The official teaser launched earlier this morning, and the small taste of the 10-episode season is chock-full of references, gags and callbacks for fans who spent the last decade patiently waiting for more Futurama, possibly in a cryogenic tube. Mom and her sons, Nibbler, The Hypnotoad, Calculon, Zapp Brannigan, Kif Kroker, Lrrr and Ndnd were all confirmed to return for Season Eleven, along with the typical mix of topical and timeless gags we’ve come to expect from the beloved Matt Groening project.

First among all such jokes is a dig displayed in the opening frame of the trailer, which pointed out the penny-pinching proclivities of Futurama’s new overlords at Hulu — or Fulu, as they call it.

“Monthly Office Space: $1,299 ($699 with commercials)” is unlikely to be the last background gag that you’ll miss if you watch Futurama Season Eleven with your eyes glued to your phone, and it’s almost definitely not the last time the show will rip into their new platform — every time Fox canceled Futurama during its initial run, the writers added another score of insulting references to the network in the inevitable revival scripts. 

Basically, if Hulu decides to pull the plug after its ordered Season Twelve, they’d better be ready to get burned when Futurama again moves to its new home on Channel √2.

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