‘Futurama’: Amy and Kif’s Kids Will Sprout Legs and Crawl Onto Land Exactly 1,000 Years from Today

It’s been 20 years since Amy, Kif and Leela dropped their kids off at the pool
‘Futurama’: Amy and Kif’s Kids Will Sprout Legs and Crawl Onto Land Exactly 1,000 Years from Today

Futurama is officially coming back – and so are Amy, Kif and Leela’s kids. 

A new season of the animated Matt Groening series will premiere in 2023 after a ten year hiatus and, according to the episode “Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch,” the love children of Amy Wong and Kif Kroker are scheduled to emerge from the primordial pool on Amphibios 9 on this exact day – plus a thousand years, of course. The episode that turned the show’s longest running on-again-off-again relationship into a family first aired on January 12, 2003 and, according to Kif, it takes twenty years for Amphibiosan tadpoles to sprout legs and emerge as children from the primordial pool where their three parents left them exactly twenty years ago today.

Well, exactly 980 years in the future, technically – it’s only going to get more confusing from here.

Fans of Futurama will recall that, though Amy is Kif’s soulmate and “Smizmar,” Kif unintentionally took the DNA material for his brood from the Planet Express ship’s cyclops captain Turanga Leela, so the tadpoles who emerged from his womb will have some mommy/mommy/daddy issues to sort through when they crawl onto dry land in exactly one millennium. Anyone who hasn’t seen Futurama before could be put in a coma by that sentence. (True -Ed.)

The Futurama writers, cast and fans have been on quite a rollercoaster in the two decades since Amy, Kif and (kind of) Leela first became parents – two cancellations, four series “finales” and four straight-to-DVD movies have further convoluted the floating timeline of a series best known for its complicated relationship with spacetime. However, Futurama followers have not forgotten this important anniversary as fans on the show’s subreddit have wished the tadpoles a “Happy Leg Sprouting Day Little Kif/Amy/Leelas!”

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They grow up so fast

Matt Groening and the Futurama writers may not have forgotten about the human/mutant/Amphibiosan children, either. Though a premiere date has yet to be set for the show’s return season, the titles for its ten episodes have been released, one of which has been named “Children of a Lesser Bog." It would be spectacularly on-brand for Futurama to make a twenty-year-old callback to something that was only addressed in one out of 140 episodes over the show’s entire run, so we may finally see if Amy has what it takes to be the mother/stepfather to a few dozen frog kids.

“I’ll be ready then,” Amy told Kif as they watched their tadpole children crawl into the pond, not to return for two decades. Twenty years after Amy dropped her kids off at the pool, it’s finally time for her to pick them up.

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