16 People We Didn’t Know Were Voices On Futurama

Make some SPACE for these OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD guest spots
16 People We Didn’t Know Were Voices On Futurama

Futurama had a rocky run from 1999 all the way to 2013. During that time the animated comedy welcomed several celebrity guest voices to lend their talents to the show’s out-of-this-world characters. Let’s forget that terrible pun as we dive into 16 celebrities we didn’t know were Futurama characters.

Actors Who Played Themselves

Bob Barker Futurama

The ULULU Company

Many celebrities ended up playing themselves in Futurama, either in full or just their jarred heads. Some of these include Stephen Hawking, Al Gore, Bob Barker, Lucy Liu, Pamela Anderson, William Shatner, Roseanne Barr, and Conan O'Brien.

Emilia Clarke as Marianne

Emilia Clarke Futurama

The ULULU Company

Game Of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke made an appearance as the voice of Zoidberg’s true love, Marianne. Because Marianne had no sense of smell, she was the perfect match for Zoidberg, and he did eventually end up giving her a nose transplant. Thankfully, she didn’t hate the way he smells. That’s true love.

Pamela Anderson as Dixie

Pamela Anderson Futurama

The ULULU Company

Pamela Anderson plays Dixie, the blonde backup dancer for the Slurm factory’s mascot, Slurms MacKenzie. She also joined Leela’s “Eco-feminist” group for its short-lived run. 

Coolio as Kwanzaabot

Coolio Futurama

The ULULU Company

Nothing says 2001 like inviting Coolio to be a voice on your show. Coolio voiced the magical Kwanzaabot, the Kwanzaa counterpart to Robot Santa Claus and the Chanukah Zombie. If you’re good, maybe Coolio will visit you tonight, too!

Sarah Silverman as Michelle

Sarah Silverman Futurama

The ULULU Company

Sarah Silverman lends her voice to Michelle, Fry’s original girlfriend before he was frozen. Michelle eventually freezes the both of them again, throwing them another 1000 years into the future. Silverman knocks it out of the park in the nagging girlfriend role, but you already knew that from School of Rock.

John Goodman as Robot Santa Claus

John Goodman Futurama

The ULULU Company

You can’t find a much better match than snagging John Goodman for the role of Robot Santa Claus. His deep bellowing voice would be perfect for regular Santa Claus, but it works even better for this murderous robot.

Parker Posey as Umbriel

Parker Posey Futurama

The ULULU Company

Parker Posey, my sweet angel. Posey plays the alluring siren mermaid, Umbriel in the episode “The Deep South.” Fry falls for Umbriel the southern mermaid fairly quickly, but bolts as soon as he finds out she can’t have sex.

Bea Arthur as Femputer

Femputer Futurama Bea Arthur

The ULULU Company

Golden Girls’ Bea Arthur, was the voice behind Femputer, a giant computer that ruled over a tribe of Amazonian women. As it turns out, The voice of the Femputer was actually a fembot, meaning Bea Arthur Was the voice of the voice of the Femputer. 

Sigourney Weaver as the Planet Express Ship

Sigourney Weaver Futurama

The ULULU Company

If you have a show about space it should be legally required for you to feature Sigourney Weaver in some way. Sigourney Weaver is the voice of none other than the Planet Express ship itself in the episode “Love and Rocket.”

Bob Odenkirk as Chaz

Bob Odenkirk Futurama

The ULULU Company

Comedy legend Bob Odenkirk voiced the character, Chaz, who was the aid to the mayor of New York, New York. Chaz dated Leela for a bit before she dumped him for not letting orphans skate with them. Bob would never do that in real life.

Chris Elliot as V-Giny

Chris Elliot Futurama

The ULULU Company

Whenever Chris Elliot’s face or voice pops up in a show, you know it’s going to be a good episode. Elliot voiced V-Giny, a giant space satellite that destroys offensive planets like Planet XXX, Poopiter, and a planet whose name cannot be mentioned in polite company.

Craig Ferguson as Susan Boil

Craig Ferguson Futurama

The ULULU Company

Craig Ferguson voices Leela’s talking singing mutant butt boil. Craig’s voice lends itself well to the boil and harkens back to a time when people were surprised that even the unattractive can sing.

Patton Oswalt as the Unattractive Giant Monster

Patton oswalt Futurama

The ULULU Company

Patton Oswalt finds his way into lots of different animated shows and does so here in the role of the giant unattractive monster. The monster is murdered at the end of the episode by tiny Bender clones, a situation which I hope never happens to Patton in real life.

Estelle Harris as Velma Farnsworth

Estelle Harris Futurama

The ULULU Company

George’s mom! She’s back and better than ever! Comedy royalty Estelle Harris voiced Velma Farnsworth in the episode “Near-Death Wish.” Velma is the mother of Professor Farnsworth, making her a distant relative of Fry as well.

Wanda Sykes as Bev

Wanda Sykes Futurama

The ULULU Company

Wanda Sykes voices the breathtaking character Bev (short for Beverages). Bev was a soda machine working at Planet Express and eventually gave birth to Bender’s son, Ben.

Patrick Stuart as Master Of The Hunt

Patrick Stuart Futurama

The ULULU Company

Patrick Stuart took a break from his job of voicing himself over at American Dad to voice the Master Of The Hunt in the episode “31st Century Fox.” Spoiler alert, his head ends up mounted above the Planet Express fireplace in the ultimate ironic twist.

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