15 Hall of Fame Jokes from Ron Funches

15 Hall of Fame Jokes from Ron Funches

Ron Funches is the soft-spoken comedy dynamo who has been slowly embedding himself as one of the top comedians in the world over the past decade. Whether it’s being his charming self on stage, voicing a cartoon character or even dabbling in professional wrestling, Funches puts the “fun” in “funny” (no one knows where the “-ches” goes though).

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Which is why we’ve gathered some of Funches’ best dulcet-toned jokes, bits and moments for our Comedy Hall of Fame...

On His Giggle

“Not used to a large Black man that giggles like an Asian princess? That’s just how I was made. I’m not a tough person. Don’t let this cashmere sweater fool you.”

On Racism

“I have a cousin that’s very sensitive when it comes to racism. He called me one day because he was quite upset that he went to a tuba recital where he was one of only three Black tuba players, and he thought that was racist. I wanted to agree, but then I realized that three Black tuba players is a lot of Black tuba players. If you see more than five Black tuba players, you’re watching an OutKast video.”

On Humility

As Jerry on ‘The Great North’

Funches’ energy and vibe fit right in with the Tobin family’s Alaskan good nature on The Great North, delivering lines the only way he can.

Playing ‘Dragon Ball Legends’ with Conan O’Brien

As a part of Conan’s Clueless Gamer series, Funches got to introduce O’Brien to not just the Dragon Ball universe but the concept of mobile games in general.

As King Shark on ‘Harley Quinn’

Funches took his naturally “friendly guy in a large body” voice to animation as the equally friendly yet intimidating King Shark on the hilarious Harley Quinn. The sweetest bloodthirsty aquatic apex predator in all of Gotham.

On Working in Television

“I don’t get to do much stand-up anymore because I’m shooting a TV show, which is fun, but they don’t tell you that if you get really good at comedy, they’ll put you on a TV show and make you work 12 hours a day sober.”

On Chicago Versus Oregon

Funches discusses the cultural differences between his upbringing in Chicago with his experience living in Oregon, including the news and especially coffee.

On Conspiracy Theories

On His Junk-Food Experiments

On Conan, Funches talked about how when he didn’t mind his diet, he would mix various fast foods together or “Kix with Nutella” until he started listening to his “smug bitch” of a doctor.

When He Actually Wrestled

A die-hard pro wrestling fan, Funches actually trained and performed in a match against Tony Deppen for Game Changer Wrestling, which was complete with costumes, preening, cameos and grandeur that only pro wrestling and circuses can provide.

On Calming Down

New York, you’re a tough city. Oh, I don’t mean that as a compliment. It’s more like, ‘Hey, calm down. Remember, ice cream does exist.’ You can have it any time you like. If it’s a really tough day, it’s completely legal to kiss a puppy on its butt.”

Ron Funches: Public Defender

On Kroll Show, Funches advertised his services as an attorney for those who need legal representation and pecan sandies.

On the Worst Tattoo He’s Ever Seen

“I saw a gentleman on the bus with a tattoo on his neck that just read ‘Fuck Linda.’ That guy hates Linda, or he has to remind himself to be intimate with Linda. Either way, Linda could do better.”

On the ‘Great British Baking Show’

Funches gushed over his favorite show and how the premise is wholesome since it’s “baking for the love of cake,” and how the American version doesn’t live up to expectations and should be called “Murder Cake.”

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