18 Celebrities Who Got Involved In Pro Wrestling

The squared circle is just an extreme stage, after all.
18 Celebrities Who Got Involved In Pro Wrestling

Pro wrestling is violent theater that can invoke several emotions. When done well, there are comedy matches that can make you laugh at the characters, or goofy faces when selling a hold. The drama can make you cry like the end of a Rocky movie. Or you can let loose with that “yeah!” feeling seeing two grown men slam each other onto canvas-covered wood.

It’s no wonder that so many celebrities from film, music, and TV have dabbled into pro wrestling. The lights, the live audience, the showmanship, there’s plenty of crossover appeal between them. Having a gold record, a gold mini-statue, and a gold championship belt looks good on the mantle, too, right? It’s like an EGOT, but with the assumption that you can take a punch.

Well, we here at Cracked are saluting these celebs who decided to get in on the action. Here are some celebrities who got to spend some time in the squared circle.

Ben Stiller

Wrestling Celebrities DN'T C BEN STILLER Stiller was promoting his movie Mystery Men in 1999, and Jeff Jarrett gave his own review of the film by slapping Ben into a figure-four leg lock. Luckily for Stiller, D'Lo Brown showed up to save him. CRACKED.COM

Source: WWE

Cyndi Lauper

Wrestling Celebrities WF - Address HULKSTER CYNDI LAUPER Lauper was in the Rock N' Wrestling Connection between WWE and MTV. She would get involved in verbal battles against Roddy Piper, and manage Hulk Hogan and Wendi Richter in high profile bouts. H CRACKED.COM

Source: WWE


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