14 Ways 'Dragon Ball' Has Changed Over the Years

This Easter, we're remembering someone who came back to life -- Son Goku!
14 Ways 'Dragon Ball' Has Changed Over the Years

It’s Easter and time to celebrate that most blessed event – the rise of our Savior… Son Goku, risen again! Yes, that’s right, the savior of all mankind, sent from Heavens above to save us all from weird green aliens and whatever the hell GT was about, Son Goku has returned this Easter to hide eggs all over the globe. Using his lightning-fast reflexes and ability to instantly teleport, it was an easy job… but it wasn’t always like this for Goku. Things used to be a lot harder, but change occurs, as no saying goes. And Dragon Ball is more about change and transformation than most — with all the characters undergoing drastic changes over the course of the series. Like an egg turning from a thing a chicken craps out into a golden prize to be found hidden inside your old nursery (it’s in the attic, kids, don’t be scared). 

This Easter, take it back to where it really counts – your favorite childhood anime. Isn’t that an Easter tradition worth celebrating? No? You’ll just scroll this while your son trips over his own shoelaces? That’s fine too. Happy Easter, one and all, but especially the Dragon Balls – the most perfect easter eggs of all.

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