The Failure Cake Meant To Look Like New Zealand's Prime Minister Is A Sight To Behold

The Failure Cake Meant To Look Like New Zealand's Prime Minister Is A Sight To Behold

Baking has recently taken off as one of the big stress-relieving activities. It's actually leading to real-world shortages of flour and yeast. People are making sourdough starters now that will probably end up in pandemic museums someday.

So during the New Zealand TV show Seven Sharp, comedian Laura Daniel squared off against host Hilary Barry. Their challenge? To bake something that invoked New Zealand pride, but with the stipulation that they weren't allowed to use flour. After all, we're running short of flour right now, remember? Our gluten-free readers' eyes have rolled into the back of their heads by now, and are currently speaking in tongues. Meanwhile, Great British Bake Off fans will likely have about 13 different ideas of what to do by the end of this paragraph. There's tons of stuff you can do without the flour to make a perfectly functional (and occasionally delicious) dessert.

Barry, for her part, reconstructed New Zealand's Mount Cook out of meringue. We understand that this is a TV contest and "no flour" was the only rule, but there's nowhere on the planet right now where you can't find flour but somehow do have enough spare eggs to whip up a meringue.

Daniel, on the other hand, made a lolly cake that was meant to look like New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Meant to:

That looks like the head of a voodoo doll chucked in a fire and retrieved by a maniac before fully melting. It's like if Medusa was made of licorice and frosting instead of snakes. This is what you'd make for a baking show hosted by H.R. Giger and David Cronenberg. Daniel, in her Instagram post, apologized profusely to the Prime Minister, saying, "Don't bake your heroes."

Prime Minister Ardern was obviously unharmed by this, but we still feel like it should count as having survived an assassination attempt.

Top Image: Governor-General of New Zealand

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