13 of the Best Jokes About Summer

These laughs bring the heat
13 of the Best Jokes About Summer

Summer is here, and it’s time for kids to ditch school for a few months, adults to abandon their cubicles for a couple of weeks and old people to perpetually complain about the heat

Yes, it’s the dawn of seasonal reprieve that brings all bickering generations together: the time-honored tradition of summer vacation. Whether it’s road trips, cookouts or camps, comedians have reaped much material from either the past summers of their youth or the current frustrations with family during the hotter months (which are only getting hotter).

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So grab a cool beverage, make a reservation at an Airbnb and relax with some of the best jokes about the summer vacation season below...

Tom Papa on Family Vacations

“A family vacation? Don’t do that. Look, a family is a bad organization; it barely works at home. Why would you take it on the road?”

The Mindless Toiling of ‘Adventureland’

Summer jobs working at a theme park can be a drag, but Adventureland demonstrates how it’s all about your attitude, especially if you’re stuck running the carnival games. (Bonus points for Bill Hader sporting a Tombstone-tier mustache.)

Seth Rogen on His Jewish Summer Camp

The Ending to ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’

A comedy classic, the end of this movie reaches the perfect peak of comedy during its climax, revealing the frustrating boiling point that family summer vacations always seem to hit.

Sara Hennessey on Summer-Camp Trauma

“When I went to camp as a kid, it was super stressful, and I think it was because I was a child ripped away from my family and shoved into the woods.”

Lavell Crawford on How Different People Prepare for Family Trips

Brian Regan on Disneyland

While Regan likes to take his kids to Disneyland, he absolutely hates it when other families cut in lines for rides: “I want my family flying around on elephants before your family.”

Grilling with ‘Key & Peele’

The sketch comedians explore how some folks really get precious about their food at a summer cookout.

Jim Gaffigan on the Pressure of Summer Fun

“There’s pressure to enjoy summer, right? I’m from the Midwest; it’s almost a panic: ‘Go out there and have fun; winter is coming to kill us!’”

Taking Your Shirt Off at the Beach

Hot summers mean the beach is loaded with all sorts of bodies with their shirts off, including some unconventional ones.

The Summer Camp Scout Inspections in ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

This Wes Anderson film showcases how scout camping could be kinda cool over the summer, along with an homage to The Shawshank Redemption.

Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter Go Camping Together

Debbie Downer at Disney World

Family vacations to the House of Mouse can be stressful enough trying to corral everyone along with the expense, but having a Debbie Downer puts a hilarious dollop of sadness on top of a crap cake.

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