Eric Andre Tried to Taser Un-Taserable Johnny Knoxville and Got His Ass Handed to Him

Tasing Johnny Knoxville only makes him stronger
Eric Andre Tried to Taser Un-Taserable Johnny Knoxville and Got His Ass Handed to Him

Eric Andre, Johnny Knoxville and Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire star Gabby Sibide are set to appear on the new ABC series The Prank Panel (not based on a novel by Sapphire or anyone). It’s basically a Shark Tank-esque reality show where regular people pitch prank ideas to the celebrity trio, and if the idea is accepted, the panel helps folks carry out the elaborate emotional torture of their friends and family members.

Well, apparently, the making of this show wasn’t exactly a walk in the park — unless said park is full of people armed with Tasers. As Eric Andre recently told Howard Stern, Knoxville was constantly pranking him during filming, either tasing him or using other assorted “weapons.”

Andre consulted Jackass co-creator Jeff Tremaine, who also directed him in Bad Trip. Tremaine advised: “He’s never gonna stop, so you’ve gotta hit him back.” Taking this guidance to heart, Andre showed up to the set of the Prank Panel with a “police-grade stun gun” stealthily hidden up his sleeve. During one of the pitches, he pulled it out and tased Knoxville “right in the heart.”

While this may have hurt most people, it was “like a little pinch” to Knoxville, who’s basically “the liquid Terminator; he’s so impervious to pain.”

Knoxville immediately grabbed Andre’s stun gun, before pulling out his own taser and chasing his fellow panelist around the studio, eventually pinning Andre down and zapping the shit out of him with both weapons. And really, what else would one expect from the guy who tased his own teammates on The Family Feud?

Thus, Andre tried out his next prank — a squirt gun aimed at Knoxville’s crotch. The retaliation was, again, a taser to the neck. So Andre quit a second time, calling the experience “a nightmare.” Eventually, he and Knoxville were able to come to a truce, agreeing, “If you don’t bring weapons to work, I won’t bring weapons to work.” 

If these two adult men could agree to stop randomly injecting 50,000 volts into one another, perhaps there’s hope for humanity after all.

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