Who's The Worst Character On 'Shark Tank?'

Who's The Worst Character On 'Shark Tank?'

Shark Tank is a show where business people yell at other less successful business people to be better at business. It's a reality-tv premise that invites douchebaggery if we've ever seen one. So while Shark Tank actually has plenty of its own good-natured moments …

We also shouldn't be surprised that it's gotten plenty of not-so-nice moments as well.

It's why Shark Tank became an intriguing pick for our "who's the worst character" series. It's especially intriguing because, while these are real people, there's no doubt that they are playing characters of sorts. Kevin, for example, plays up some level of ruthlessness for the TV, and Mark is actually a series of gerbils controlling a mechanized human suit. 

But before we could delve into the philosophical debate about the fuzzy line between real people and characters on tv, or even begin to venture to make a pick as to who is the worst, it seems that the internet has narrowed our choices for us. If you type in "worst Shark on Shark tank" into any standard search engine (we're all still using "Ask Jeeves", right?) you'll find overwhelming support for both Chris Sacca and Bethenny Frankel. These two are so reviled, in fact, that it kind of took us off guard, especially when considering that they're not even main sharks. They're just two guest sharks who apparently filled up the stat sheet in douchiness per minute (DPM), so much so that the internet took notice.

Chris Sacca makes sense. If you get past the numerous allegations/confessions of sexist behavior and inappropriate touching, you still have to contend with the fact that this guy wears a cowboy outfit despite being from New York. I mean, everything about this guy just screams douchebag, and you can see it on full display in this clip here:

And don't think that was an isolated incident. Here's Barbara Corcoran further calling out Sacca for his arrogance in an interview on Business Insider.

But then we come to Bethenny Frankel, and it's a little bit less clear. Reddit has plenty of threads labeling Frankel the worst shark of all time, but without the cowboy shirt, it becomes harder to pin down the reasoning. According to one thread, "She acts as if she can provide more value than any other shark, she copies Mark's way of negotiating, she is not original and is stale as a cracker, she screams constantly, and worst of all she can't even listen." It just sounds a lot like Mark Cuban, but maybe this clip can be a bit more illuminating.

Whoops, wrong reality show. We got our sharks mixed with our housewives again, but maybe that points to what's going on. Frankel is well-practiced in the art of being polarizing on television, having already starred on The Real Housewives of New York City, and you can see from this clip here that her approach to investment is no different than her approach to brunch etiquette:

It's hard to render any sort of verdict with these two, but proverbial gun to my head (and maybe literal gun to my head after watching these two for so long), I tend to lean Sacca. He's been on more episodes, which means he's sustained his douchiness per minute for far longer. Plus, the whole shirt thing. But it's a close call, and that's what we have Reddit threads and internet comments sections for.

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