16 Celebrities Who Are Huge 'Magic: The Gathering' Nerds

16 Celebrities Who Are Huge ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Nerds
16 Celebrities Who Are Huge 'Magic: The Gathering' Nerds

Sometimes when you’re in high school, you need to get shoved into a locker. It’s just a need for some people, they can’t help it. In the olden days, you could just admit you’d seen an anime, were a gay, or maybe mention Weird Al, but with this high woke PC culture, there are increasingly fewer ways to just get properly locker-shoved. Not even Magic: The Gathering works now that a bunch of big-time nerd actors are all into it. How’s a nerd supposed to show they’re cool and different than everyone else if the White Wolf is laying down a Vigor to p0wn some kitchen table players? Turns out, the celebrity world is just like everywhere else – filled with too many freakin’ nerds. And some of those nerds are Magic nerds. The worst kind.  

Here are a bunch of famous big-time celebrity Magic nerds, because liking DnD was too mainstream.

Jason Alexander

celebrities who Are Into Magic: The Gathering NO CHECKS PLEASE HOURS 2' MON 630-1 2:00 630 200 TUE'S 6.30 2.30 WED 630 2:00 THUR 6.30 SO FRC 100-2 SAT CLO Jason Alexander Save Life MANA 100% Alexander came out as a Magic gamer in InQuest magazine back in '97. He's even rumored to have snuck cards onto the set. Instant Choose one -Target player gains 2f life, or prevent the next 2] damage that would be dealt to target creature this turn. Gotcha -Whenever an opponent says Card George Costanza would have: Save or Life, you may say Gotcha! If

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

celebrities who Are Into Magic: The Gathering Joseph Nightmare Gordon-Levill JGL. The man, the myth, the Magic. Summon Nightmane Flying Nightmare's power and toughness both equal the number of swamps His first rare: its controller has in play. The Nightmare arises from its lair in the swamps. As the poisoned land Nightmare Nightmare's rage spreads, so does the and terrifying strengels. C-Melissa Benson CRACKED.COM

Source: Nerdist

Jerry Seinfeld

celebrities who Are Into Magic: The Gathering Jerry seinfeld IF E JOON Exo I Due to someone's influence (rumored to be George Constanza actor Jason Alexander), Seinfeld has canonically played Magic. CRACKED.COM

Source: Reddit


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