Lance Reddick Was the Rare Guest That Could Out-Scare Eric André

Reddick passed away today at the age of 60, and both his dramatic and comedic work is being remembered for it’s red-hot intensity
Lance Reddick Was the Rare Guest That Could Out-Scare Eric André

TV and film titan Lance Reddick passed away earlier today at the age of 60. A talented dramatic and comedic actor, Reddick was likely best known for his work on projects like The Wire and John Wick — however, Reddick was the rare artist who brought the same intensity to his serious roles as he did to his humorous parts. Not to mention, he was one of the most formidable guests in Eric Andre Show history.

Following the news of his passing, fans of Reddick have been sharing their favorite moments from his lauded 40-year career on social media. Clips of his performances as police lieutenant Cedric Daniels in The Wire and Detective Johnny Basil in Oz have been flooding Twitter, but Reddick’s hilarious dedication to the bit in videos like Funny Or Die’s Toys R Me” is also being recognized as the entertainment world mourns his loss and celebrates the art he left behind.

One entertainer in particular, bizarro comic Eric André, likely remembers Reddick as one of the rare guests that he couldn’t f— with.

Most of the guests on The Eric Andre Show are deliberately kept in the dark about the delirious and upsetting spectacle that André and co-host Hannibal Buress subject their targets to, but Reddick was one of few interviewees whom André respected enough to actually clue him in on what was in store. André and Reddick worked on the jokes together, including the iconic LeVar Burton bit that Reddick once worried would offend the Star Trek and Roots star. That fear was assuaged three years ago when Burton replied to one of Reddick’s Twitter posts with the message, “I wish I was Lance Reddick!!!!!” which prompted a heartwarming exchange between the two icons. 

Rest easy, Lance. Eric, you need a new desk.

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