20 Ways 'Star Trek' Has Changed As It Explored Space Through the Years: Then vs. Now

20 Ways 'Star Trek' Has Changed As It Explored Space Through the Years: Then vs. Now

Star Trek is an old favorite of ours. We’ve discussed its cringe, its best captain, its dumb future, the big stars that love it, the early gigs of its performers, its behind-the-scene rivalries, how it has failed its fanbase just as Star Wars, the problems with its reboot, the sci-fi writers it keeps stealing from, ways to fix the franchise, its movies, what to avoid, and the recipe for successful movies, and, just, a whole lot of stuff. Oh, and what truly, truly matters: its porn parody. We’ve been thorough, that is our point.

In this Pictofact, then, we zoom out and take a look at the entire Star Trek franchise, then and now, from its humble inception to its current dominance (behind streaming services we’re never gonna pay for). Readers can also see when we took such a look at Star Wars as well. As for Star Trek, the interesting thing is that even with this bird-eye view, there are still things we weren’t able to squeeze in. Its animated shows, for example, or its several eras, timelines, and continuities. Or its producers and the quality of their respective tenures (or 9/11 conspiracy theories that they promote). Or an in-depth analysis of its porn parody. This was of major importance for us. You know, for thoroughness.

'Strange New Worlds'

Star Trek Then vs. Now A From failed pilot to sorta prequel CBS rejected the original pilot The Cage for being too cerebral, but NBC financed a mulligan. Only Spock returned to the original and legendary show, and Captain Pike was replaced by Kirk. Still, Pike remained part of the canon, and leads one of the current shows, Strange New Worlds. CRACKED.COM


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