15 Weird Early Gigs of 'Star Trek' Actors

15 Weird Early Gigs of 'Star Trek' Actors

Look, being honest, not every job you take is great. Especially those early ones. You’d probably feel pretty bad if your first underpaid job at 7/Eleven was on camera and everyone else could watch it. And no offense to you, but it’s not the most compelling television to watch you sit around behind a register waiting for the guy who comes to buy cigarettes at precisely the same time very day to show up. But then of course, you’re probably not a well-beloved millionaire. As we all know, not every role on the road to a successful acting career is a good one, and the magnanimous cast of science fiction’s premier franchise is no exception. So, let’s take a moment to bask in the weird mix of schadenfreude and nostalgia as we look at who the crew of the Enterprise was before they went where no one has gone before.

Patrick Stewart starred as a doctor in B-Movie Lifeforce

EARLY GIGS OF STAR TREK ACTORS PATRICK STEWART LIFEFORCE One of the most derided В movies of all-time, based on a novel called Space Vampires, this film is most famous for its excessive nudity, and horrible everything else. Stewart stars as Doctor Armstrong seeking to end the vampires' reign.

Source: Wikipedia

William Shatner stars in this dramatic film about Nuremberg

EARLY GIGS OF STAR TREK ACTORS WILLIAM SHATNER JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG Considered a masterpiece, Judgment at Nuremberg is (perhaps a little unsurprisingly) about the aftermath of the Holocaust, and the trials at Nuremberg. Captain Kirk's William Shatner plays a U.S. Army General assisting with the trial. CRACKED.COM

Source: The Guardian

George Takei was a Godzilla regular

EARLY GIGS OF STAR TREK ACTORS GEORGE TAKEI GODZILLA Oh no, there goes Tokyo, go go Godzilla! Before his Star Trek fame, George Takei was in a bunch of Godzilla movies, including Rodan, Gigantis and Godzilla Raids Again. CRACKED.COM

Source: Mental Floss

Zoe Saldana starred in the Britney Spears bomb Crossroads

EARLY GIGS OF STAR TREK ACTORS ZOE SALDANA CROSSROADS Everyone has to start somewhere. Sometimes it's in a terrible Britney Spears movie everyone hates. That's what Zoe Saldana starred in before becoming Uhura in the rebootquel of Star Trek. CRACKED.COM

Source: Hola!

Brent Spiner stars as the lothario in Rent Control

EARLY GIGS OF STAR TREK ACTORS BRENT SPINER RENT CONTROL Brent Spiner is out on the town, looking for low rent and high-class girls in Rent Control. Before becoming the unemotional robot Data, they made a comedy about him attempting to score low rent and hot broads. CRACKED.COM

Source: Something Awful

Wil Wheaton starred in a forgettable romcom, The Buddy System

EARLY GIGS OF STAR TREK ACTORS WIL WHEATON THE BUDDY SYSTEM The Buddy System - in which a child tries to set his mom up-is potentially the most forgettable comedy in the world. And it's where Wil Wheaton got his start before becoming Wesley Crusher, the role everyone in the world wishes they could forget. CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia

Anti-Satanist horror flick starred Karl Urban before he was Bones

EARLY GIGS OF STAR TREK ACTORS THE TRUTH ABOUT DEMONS KARL URBAN THE IRREFUTABLE TRUTH ABOUT DEMONS This New Zealand horror film looks more like a Christian shock flick than anything a normal person would watch, but Bones' Karl Urban stars so can it really be that bad? With a plot about a sinister cult run by an Anton LaVey look alike named Le Valliant, this horror film is as bad as the first season of TNG. CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia

NASA-sponsored edutainment film Quantum Quest stars Chris Pine

EARLY GIGS OF STAR TREK ACTORS Z Sagan DEL ... THE BATTLE - EAST GALARY HEATING Quest SPAIN - CHRIS PINE QUANTUM QUEST: A CASSINI SPACE ODISSEY Pine was in a star-studded cast in this NASA film, designed to be shown to your astronomy class when you're hungover. It discusses fusion, stars, and was even re-edited to add in new discoveries. CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia

Simon Pegg helps a Parole Officer get away with murder

EARLY GIGS OF STAR TREK ACTORS SIMON PEGG THE PAROLE OFFICER The Parole Officer is about the titular character seeking help from the criminals he looks after, to prove his innocence in a murder. Like most of Pegg's non-Star Trek, non-Cornetto trilogy work, this is a forgettable comedy most likely found in thrift stores or your parent's basement. CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia

Nimoy stars in terrible boxing film Kid Monk Baroni

EARLY GIGS OF STAR TREK ACTORS LEONARD NIMOY KID MONK BARONI This film is about a man called Kid Monk Baroni because he has a deformed face, and it just gets worse from there. Ostensibly about boxing, Leonard Nimoy stars as the Kid himself. CRACKED.COM

Source: Warnecke.me

Jonathan Frakes starred in proto-Baywatch Beach Patrol

EARLY GIGS OF STAR TREK ACTORS JONATHAN FRAKES BEACH PATROL Originally a pilot, this made-for-TV movie precedes Baywatch by quite a bit, telling the tale of a female narc patrolling the dunes, but lacking any slow-motion titty runs. Commander Riker's Jonathan Frakes stars as one of her coworkers.

Source: Wikipedia

Michael Dorn stars in Demon Seed, a film about an AI making a clone baby

EARLY GIGS OF STAR TREK ACTORS MICHAEL DORN DEMON SEED Dorn stars as Bit - a literal bit role - in this horrifying film. An artificial intelligence goes rogue after developing the cure for leukemia, and has a child with his creator's estranged wife (who turns out to be a clone of their dead child). CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia

Q actor John de Lancie starred in a horror film about an Arcade game made with a child’s brain

EARLY GIGS OF STAR TREK ACTORS JOHN DE LANCIE ARCADE This film about a virtual reality game made out of a dead boy's brain cells sounds like the type of movie The Simpsons would have on in the background - but it's what Q actor John de Lancie starred in before becoming God. CRACKED.COM

Source: Wikipedia

Benedict Cumberbatch stars in Roland Emmerich-produced, maudlin film Burlesque Fairytales

EARLY GIGS OF STAR TREK ACTORS BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH BURLESQUE FAIRYTALES Shot in 19 days, this film by Roland Armageddon Emmerich takes place entirely in a theater where a bunch of people mysteriously find themselves, including Khan's Benedict Cumberbatch. It's not even that burlesque. CRACKED.COM

Source: Benedict-Cumberbatch.de

Miniature song and dance Soundies features starred future Khan actor Ricardo Montalban

EARLY GIGS OF STAR TREK ACTORS RICARDO MONTALBÁN SOUNDIES Shown in coin-operated jukeboxes, Soundies are three-minute long song and dance features from near the dawn of film. And if you're lucky enough to find one, you might find the man himself, Khan, Ricardo Montalbán, in one of them. CRACKED.COM

Source: Greensboro News & Record


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