And Now, Our 10 Favorite Jackass Movie Stunts (So Far)

And Now, Our 10 Favorite Jackass Movie Stunts (So Far)

Some stunts are so surprising that they instantly become our favorite moments in the movie. They can be so unexpected and exhilarating that we can't help but watch them over and over again. Other stunts are so meticulously planned and executed that we can't help but be impressed by the skill and precision of the stunt team. Either way, movie stunts are always a fun and exciting part of the filmmaking process. And while they may occasionally result in injury or even death, we always come away from them feeling just a little bit more alive.

Here's our official list of favorite Jackass movie stunts so far — from the most innovative to the simplest, most effective comedy gags these guys have managed to pull out of their butts over the years (sometimes, literally). 

If the new movie is anything like this list, it's bound to be a smash-those-nuts hit.

So let's take a beat, just a brief moment in this construct we're still referring to as "time," and laugh out loud — together!

Department Store Boxing

COMEDY NERD Jackass best stunts Department Store Boxing From Jackass: The Movie Sometimes it's the simplest concepts that turn out the funniest. Originally tried and tested back in season 2 of the TV show, the stunt was repeated for the guys' silver screen debut-only with Knoxville fighting the actual heavyweight legend Butterbean. In a department store. We cannot stress enough how funny it is that this all happens in a department store. CRACKED.COM


Electric Avenue

COMEDY NERD Jackass best stunts Electric Avenue From Jackass 3-D Because why walk through fire when you can run through a dangling trap of electric tasers? CRACKED.COM


Bungee Porta Potty

Jackass best stunts COMEDY NERD Bungee Porta-Potty From Jackass 3-D Probably the grossest one on this list, but you've got to give points for innovation here because it really takes a special kind of mind to come up with the idea of pairing a portable toilet with bungee ropes...and then putting a person inside to learn from first-hand experience what happens when what goes up must come down. CRACKED.COM


Fireworks Wake Up

COMEDY NERD Jackass best stunts Fireworks Wake Up From Jackass: The Movie Phil Margera has often been the butt of Bam's pranks and in this one, he not only has a rude awaken along with his wife April when their son decides to light a bunch of fireworks in their bedroom in the middle of the night, but he endures it again hours later...inside his freaking van. CRACKED.COM


Off-road Tattoo

COMEDY NERD Jackass best stunts I fix A to Olive Off-road Tattoo From Jackass: The Movie It's in the knowing (or even just imagining) what happens on dirt roads combined with the pain of getting a tattoo that makes this bonkers stunt so cringe-funny. Given Steve-O's many questionable tattoos, it's hard to say if this one's the worst, honestly. No Ragrets. CRACKED.COM


Big Red Rocket

COMEDY NERD Jackass best stunts Big Red Rocket From Jackass Number Two Sometimes the failure is the funny, but it's not just the initial anti-climax that's hilarious here. It's the dramatic build-up. It's the dialogue. It is seeing Knoxville cling to a rocket resembling a giant Crayola like he wants to hump it. It is all of these things. CRACKED.COM


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