Women in Comedy Are Getting Buff as Hell

‘Standing for an hour at a time requires physical dedication!’
Women in Comedy Are Getting Buff as Hell

Women of comedy have been giving us more than carefully constructed stories and zingy punchlines on stage — they’re also providing a ticket to the gun show. And that’s because these ladies are getting Buff as Hell. 

No stranger to baring it all, Chelsea Handler has been using Instagram to showcase her workouts with L.A.-based trainer Ben Bruno over the years. Whether it’s split squats, leg raises or a two-minute hollow hold, no exercise is too challenging for the former talk show host. And while her regimen originally started as a means to keep her body looking good, she now works out to feel good mentally as well

Between the late nights and constant travel, working comedians are constantly putting their body through the wringer in surprising ways. In a tongue-in-cheek post promoting her latest tour and insane abs, Iliza Shlesinger shares the sentiment, writing, “Standing for an hour at a time requires physical dedication!”

The same gym-rat spirit can be found in Michelle Buteau, Yamaneika Saunders and Ilana Glazer, who cites all of these women as her inspiration to pump some iron. 

You can’t help but wonder who will take the gauntlet next. Maybe we’ll see Janelle James pull some insane deadlift numbers.

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