Topless Chelsea Handler Wants Men to Get Vasectomies

Topless Chelsea Handler Wants Men to Get Vasectomies

A bare-chested Chelsea Handler wants men to take matters regarding their penises into their own hands.

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Yesterday, the New Jersey comic and talk show host who once led the “Free The Nipple” campaign posted a half-nude, barely Instagram-compliant video espousing her personal views on the endless birth control debate. More often than not, the discussion on how best to prevent a pregnancy without celibacy results in women taking on the responsibility of dramatically altering their reproductive system through pills and procedures in order to appease male partners who just, like, don’t feel connected to you when they use a condom, you know, spiritually speaking. 

In the snippet, Handler snapped at those men whose own anatomies could accommodate their desires to stay both condom and child-free. “Get a vasectomy,” demanded Handler as she handled her own mammogram.

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