Chelsea Handler Convinced a Nun to Smoke Weed

‘She was so funny when she was high’
Chelsea Handler Convinced a Nun to Smoke Weed

Chelsea Handler is a bad influence, and she knows it. On a recent episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show, the comedian expressed her disbelief that Hudson has never had a drink or a puff of pot. Um, we are also skeptical — even Hudson says no one believes her. “I just don’t understand why that’s necessary!” boggled Chandler, theorizing all of the ways that Hudson could have at least taken an accidental sip. But there are worse things than not indulging in inebriants. “I respect the fact if you’ve never had a drink, good for you,” said Handler. “Everybody should do their own thing.”

But that doesn’t mean Handler hasn’t proven herself capable of a little moral corruption. Hudson brought up a rumor that the comic confirmed: She once convinced a nun to smoke a doobie.

“We were filming something,” remembered Handler. “And I was like, ‘Listen, nuns get a bad rap because they’re not fun. So…'”  

In other. words, Hudson confirmed, “you wanted to make her fun.” 

“She was so funny when she was high,” Handler recalled, “as so many people are.” Months later, the nun emailed the comic while Handler was filming her old Netflix show. Sister Mary Jane Cannabis sounded no worse the wear for her ganja experiment. “I just gotta tell you,” she messaged, “I feel like I’ve loosened up since I’ve met you.”

“I said, ‘Sister, that is all I’m looking to do!’”

Which brings us back to Hudson. Handler asked the obvious question — why has she never taken even a sip of alcohol? “I just never have,” explained the host, which sure seems like a lousy reason. “I don’t know what your plan is,” confessed Handler, but the gleam in her eye suggested what the comic’s next suggestion might be. The self-acknowledged bad influence might just have to give JHud a taste, if only for education’s sake. 

If it can loosen up a nun, just think what it might do for the next Showgirls reunion.

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