15 Jokes and Moments from Eugene Mirman for the Comedy Hall of Fame

Eugene Mirman is a character. (Specifically, Gene Belcher)
15 Jokes and Moments from Eugene Mirman for the Comedy Hall of Fame

Among the most out-there and absurd alternative comedians to ever grace our presence, Eugene Mirman is obviously the “Vice President of Chocolate.” Mirman is best known for his voice acting work on Bob’s Burgers, but if you were ever into the New York comedy scene of the aughts and 2010s, you would have long known that the character of Gene is just a younger version of the adult Eugene.

With a propensity to use ad space, a laminating machine and a digital audio recorder, Mirman goes beyond insane wordplay and odd observations to insert whimsical madness into his environment. To show off how versatile he is with comedy, we’re presenting you with this Hall of Fame smorgasbord of some of his best work...

Ads for Shapes

Early in his career, Mirman decided to share some ad slogans for a subject near and dear to his heart: shapes.

On His Last Name

During a trip to Plymouth Plantation as a child, Mirman had a traumatic experience regarding his last name.

Eugene as Gene Being Bob

Mirman is amazing as the adorable musician kid Gene on Bob’s Burgers, but it’s astounding when Gene does an impression of his dad.

As Yvgeny on ‘Delocated’

Much like in real life, Mirman played a Russian stand-up comedian on the show. Unlike in real life, he was also a hitman that did jokes solely about vodka.

On Eminem

On Retail

“I saw that Linens ‘n Things was going out of business. I know. I was like, ‘Should have been more specific.’”

On Activism

“I’m walking to a meeting, and this lady starts waving at me like a ghost is attacking her, and only I can help. She goes, ‘Are you a fan of the Earth?’ I don’t like that. ‘No, I’m a moon fan, sorry!’ I hate that terrible question; it made me want to light a whale on fire and use the energy to power a coal plant.”

On Bathroom Signs

After noticing a bathroom sign at work, Mirman decided to have his own bit of fun by buying a laminating machine and printing out his own signs to hang around various restrooms around town.

His Meditation Album

Along with his stand-up, Mirman decided to give his listeners a hilarious and relaxing meditation session on his album I’m Sorry, You’re Welcome. This is arguably the most soothing comedic experience a person can have.

On Russian Stereotypes

“I was in an elevator (cause I have the money), and it was very small, and it was really crowded, and this guy sarcastically goes, ‘There’s probably bigger elevators than this in Russia.’ Probably? That’s not one of the pre-agreed-upon stereotypes of Russia. You can’t just make up random information and say it sarcastically to replace actual information. You can’t be like, ‘Oh, I went on a date with this French girl, and she was more rude than a wolf-cat!”

On Unbeatable Steak

“I saw this steak house, and the slogan was ‘UNDEFEATED.’ Wow! Can you imagine a steak so delicious that every single person who fought them had lost? That is a delicious steak!”

On Child Abuse

“I was in a cafe, and I saw a six-year-old wearing a fedora. And you always think to yourself that if you see abuse, you would know what to do.”

Asking a Pastor

One thing Mirman likes to do is derive amusement from telemarketers, salespeople and spam to entertain himself and turn it into material. One such venture led him to “Ask a Pastor” online, to which Mirman posted queries such as “I know I shouldn’t have sex with a horse, but I forget the reason.”

When He Wrote a Full Page Ad in Several Newspapers to Insult Time Warner Cable

After Time Warner Cable failed to install his cable on the day of his appointment, Mirman wrote and bought a full-page ad in several New York City newspapers to give them a very public roasting.

Gene’s Thoughts/Ideas/Everything

Again, Mirman is amazing in Bob’s Burgers, and the show allows him to just say the most insane sentences within any TV script anywhere.

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