Remember Star Trek IV: The One About The Whales? They plucked those two wonderful behemoths from the streets of San Francisco and whisked them up into space to save Earth from a giant space cigar. You know, it looked like the IRL one from a couple years back. Anyway, Spock could talk to them, that's all that matters. Spock can mind-meld with anything. Totally give Aquaman a run for his Atlantean money, whatever that is. 

We're getting a little off-track here.

What we're doing here today is taking you on one of those whale-watching tours. You'll get all the facts: from whale BFFs to wait, those testicles weigh how much?!? — without having to sit next to some chirpy rando from Cracked blathering on about Star Trek IV or getting a blast of seawater to the noggin. Nope, here’s just a list of some incredible facts about the giant of the sea, that wonderful whale.

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That is some thick milk

Whale milk is the texture of toothpaste. A whale's milk is almost 50% fat {cow's milk is 4%), allowing it to travel through water without just scattering and dissolving because the mothers often shoot streams of milk into their baby's mouths. CRACKED.COM


Humpback whales and wind turbine tech

Humpback whales have inspired better wind turbine technology. Humpbacks have little bumps on the edges of their flippers that help them maneuver and make tricky turns at high speeds to generate lift and catch their food. It's called the tubercle effect and it's been used in wind turbine technology to reduce drag and keep turbine blades from stalling. CRACKED.COM



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