15 of the Best Dark Humor Jokes From ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

Even for a show that prides itself on dark comedy, these are pitch black
15 of the Best Dark Humor Jokes From ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will soon embark on its 16th season of being the most insanely dark sitcom in history. But the key to the show’s longevity isn’t just the humor and hijinks. From its conception, the series’ premise of “What if the cast of Seinfeld huffed glue and replaced dating nightmare stories with throwing rocks at windows?” reveled in the outright glee of displaying the depravity of its assorted cast of characters.

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Countless dark bits have been done over the course of the 162 episodes, but here are some of the most pitch-black jokes and moments from the show that’s still as sharp and cutting as a toe knife...

Charlie Finds a Nazi Uniform

In “The Gang Finds a Dead Guy,” Charlie finds some interesting “collectibles” that belonged to Dennis and Dee’s grandfather.

Mac’s Special Mac n’ Cheese

As Mac and Dennis have a suburban couple squabble, Mac reveals the special ingredient in Dennis’ mac n’ cheese meal.

$100 Baby

Frank cheap shots his opponent, knocking him into his daughter, who falls and breaks her neck on a stool. A dark homage to a dark Clint Eastwood classic.

The Gang Dump a Dead Sex Worker

At the end of “Frank’s Pretty Woman,” Frank eulogizes sex worker/wannabe fiancée Roxy who drops dead upon his proposal. But instead of calling the authorities, the Paddy’s crew just drags her body out into the hallway as the Roy Orbison classic plays the episode out.

Bill Ponderosa’s Cheerful Suicide Attempt

Bill Ponderosa wants to die happy by drinking himself to death, and frankly, everyone in his life (except the gang) is glad to see him go.

The Gang Became Cannibals (Not Really)

Frank convinces Charlie and Dee that they ate human meat to the point that they refuse to believe him when he reveals it was raccoon meat all along. Not to be outdone, a side story features Mac, Dennis, Cricket and their scrotums.

Dennis and Dee Use Crack to Get on Welfare

The Gang Kidnap a Family Via Home Makeover

With the intention of helping their emigrated Mexican family feel welcomed with a spruced-up home, the gang decided to renovate their home reality show style. However, their technique is less like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and more like Funny Games. Always buy a home security system, y’all.

Dennis and Dee Discover They Were Nazi Youths

After looking over some home movies of their time at camp with their grandfather, Dee and Dennis discover that their happy memories were whitewashed (with an emphasis on white).

Charlies Confronts Santa Claus

In a moment of insane catharsis, Charlie sees a mall Santa and asks him a simple, straightforward question.

Exploiting a Dumpster Baby

In a Season Three episode, Mac and Dee find a baby in the dumpster and attempt to paint the child brown to get him cast in commercials right as child protective services thankfully walk in.

Charlie’s Mom’s Cancer Confession

At a fundraiser for her cancer treatment, Charlie’s mom gives a hilariously horrifying speech before revealing that her diagnosis was a lie.

Frank Makes Dennis and Dee Dig Up Their Mother’s Grave

After convincing his kids that their mother is really alive and hiding money in her supposed grave, Frank has the rest of the gang dig up his ex-wife’s grave, revealing that she truly is dead. Frank’s reasoning for the grift? To teach everyone a lesson for thinking he was losing it. Compelling argument, sir.

Sweet Dee’s Fake Baby Funeral

As a way to get a tax cut, Dee declared the baby she carried as a surrogate as a dependent. This leads to the IRS calling shenanigans and an auditor being subjected to a funeral for the fake child. A dead baby joke and a dead dog joke in one double-dip dark clip.

The Descent of Rickety Cricket Throughout the Series

This. Poor. Man. Can’t. Win.

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