It Turns Out Sweet Dee from ‘It’s Always Sunny...’ Actually Is a Bird

Rob McElhenney retweeted a picture from early ‘Always Sunny’ that reminds us of who Sweet Dee really is underneath the makeup
It Turns Out Sweet Dee from ‘It’s Always Sunny...’ Actually Is a Bird

It’s always interesting to see how sitcom actors change in appearance over the years. Chris Pratt famously lost weight and worked on his rippling muscles in between seasons of Parks and Recreation to prepare for the launch of MCU superstardom in Guardians of the Galaxy, and, apparently, Kaitlin Olson lost about two feet of height and a few hundred feathers after Season Two of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Earlier today, series star and creator Rob McElhenney went on a stroll down memory lane when he retweeted a picture of his wife, Olson, and his co-star, the incomparable Danny DeVito, posing on the set of Always Sunny back during the show’s second season in 2006. Though the makeup and lighting budget improved immensely following DeVito’s introduction into the series that season, there’s something quaint and authentic about seeing Sweet Dee in her natural light during those early shoestring years of the show.

You know what they say in Philadelphia — Shut up, bird!

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